My Superbowl thoughts…

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Men, be careful what you wish for…

I do believe I have the only wife who gets sappy during a football game, and yes, she is a Steeler fan.  She see’s Jerome, Ward, her Steeler’s again in the Superbowl… and here come the tears.

On the first half; The Cardinal’s did nothing of note, Steeler’s looked good.  James Harrison of the Steeler’s gets an interception for a TD at the end of the first half.

On the Cardinals;  They were who we thought they were!!!

The half time show; creepy.  I’m sorry, when an old man in tight pants is waggling his crotch at young girls in front of him, you normally see that at a schoolbus stop.  Besides, it was cheesy with the whole “penalty” thing he did.  After two songs, it looked like Springsteen needed more oxygen than Harrison.

On the Cardinals in the second half; They are STILL who we thought they are!!!

The Steeler’s will be the first team to reach 6 rings.  I will have to listen to that for an entire year.

There isn’t enough alcohol for me this year….


With under 3 minutes to play… the Cardinals take a 3 point lead.  I think my wife has sucked every bit of oxygen from the living room.

At 1 minute left in the game, I haven’t heard a woman this quiet since… errr… nevermind… just as I typed that… the Steeler’s get to the 5 yard line with S. Holmes… and suddenly the neighbors are calling the cops and my kitties run for cover.

Amazing touchdown by S. Holmes of the Steeler’s… and my year-long nightmare begins…  


  1. I empathize and sympathize with you.

    Oh well.  

  2. It was the coin toss.  There were a bunch of famous footballers there at the center of the field, and one guy in uniform.  The guy in uniform was introduced as General David Petraeus.  And it looked like him.   No kidding.  So my important Superbowl question is this: WTF is Gen. Petraeus  doing at the Superbowl Coin toss?  Is that appropriate?

    I would love to have somebody explain this to me, to talk me down. Really I would.  And outrage was NOT because I was drinking.  At the time, I hadn’t had anything to drink.  Not a drop.  

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