Leahy At ProgressiveBlue: Stop By And Tell Him What You Think

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I normally wouldn’t post a diary on something so short, but I think this would be of interest to the Docudharma community. Senator Patrick Leahy has posted his proposal of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission at Progressive Blue: http://www.progressiveblue.com…

As this is a boutique blog in the style of Docudharma, I think there’s a fair chance that the senator or his staff will read all of the comments in the thread. With that in mind, feel free to stop on by and voice your praises or concerns with his idea.

Many thanks 😉


  1. I posted on his dkos diary but it seems so huge that I’m sure it gets lost in the fray. I will once again express myself. NPK wrote the best essay on Truth and Reconciliation I have read she should post it intact on progressive blue. Very articulate, moving and to the heart of the matter.

    A boutique huh? Well I always say shop local think global. This boutique is a classy, sassy one. The merchandise is off the beaten track and yet it has something for everyone.  

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