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(hat tip to M_A for breaking this story on WWL)

Here’s to Alex Jones of INFOWARS.COM for viralizing among bloggers what went largely ignored by the media: A practice drill by the military on an Iowan town. On Friday, February 20th, he dedicated a large portion of his radio show to objecting as well. He was committed to doing his show live from Arcadia in portest, and encouraged others to join him.

Company A, 1st Battalion, 168th Infantry had planned a four-day exercise the first weekend of April to practice cordon-and-search operations in an urban environment.

The Daily Times Herald of Carrol, Iowa quietly broke the story on February 17th without comment or objection.

The Daily Times Herald of Carrol, Iowa quietly broke on February 23rd the story of the plan being scrapped, this time with comment, being sure to state it was a lack of operational readiness, not Jones’ show that prompted the change of plans. They made sure to throw a disparaging light on the negative public reaction.

“I really feel sorry for the National Guard having to justify their actions.”


“It got blown way out of proportion,” he said.

Nothing CAUSAL in that timeline relationship, eh? Phhhhhhhh!

Fascism always whispers in on feather light feet, trying to avoid detection, and those who oppose it are always burned at the proverbial Joan of Arc stake.

I remember as far back as the early 70’s, when the first things appeared on poles on freeways, and a few people said “Those look like cameras!” They were quickly admonished for being paranoids. We were never quite sure what they were, but soon forgot about them.

Along came all the Bruckheimer pro-police state shows, done in an interesting and sympathetic light, that streamlined the use of said cameras into our consciousness. Thank the Gods for that camera or that cute little girl would have died at the hands of a baby-raper….

Surveillance nation started long before the PAT act. I wrote about this Slippery Slope in 2007 of surveillance, punishment obsession and our slide into fascism.

Stage 3 now has every news station using those cameras on every corner to show traffic updates, now available on your cell phone. Privacy is not only gone, you can invade it yourself!

WORSE? The fucking selling of “On Star” and GPS has made it fashionable to “spy” on your loved ones and friends… you can now map them to a street address. A stalkers delight. How fucked is that, to even WANT to track your loved ones like a chipped criminal?  Where did trust, privacy and the right to be uninterrupted go?

I always had a problem with GPS, anyway. Unless you are backpacking in the wilds of the Nile, lost, why the fuck would you ever need to know your global co-ordinates by phone? Its to FIND you, not help you.

I have written several times about the stationing of the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 3rd Infantry Division being on active duty within our own borders and the death of the Posse Comitatus Act.

Now, we have the Guard running practice drills taking over entire towns.

More or less. I’m sure it will resurface somewhere soon.

Jones rightly objects to the stated plan of “searching for and confiscating” guns. Aren’t illegal arms dealers a POLICE matter? This sure reeks of disarming a population who have the right to bear arms constitutionally with its own army. Door to door searches, interrogations, intimidation… fucktitude!

I hate that idea. I hate the idea that this is proof positive they fear us, and know damned well that enough rebellion is coming that they are already practicing preventative measure against our own populace.

I hate the idea that the MSM largely is ignoring the use of Military within our borders, and that in general people are pretty much inured to the idea.


The revolution was not just bought and sold back to us with tie-dyes at K-Marts, it has been bought and sold back to us in the form of loving and accepting a Police State.

Fear not, entirely, for just as long as there are the Oracles, as long as we are the Everyday Prophets and Seers, as long as there are Jones of Arcadias….

We Shall Overcome.

This is proof positive the they expect the shit to hit the fan.

This is proof positive we need to redouble our efforts to Uphold as Written the Constitution of this land.



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    • Diane G on February 24, 2009 at 21:24


    • Diane G on February 25, 2009 at 17:07

    ..for the promotion! Its a VERY important story, though my writing doesn’t do it justice.

    I have a horrible case of “elation” going lately. It is nearly impossible to work up a righteously indignant post when you are in a good mood. It is just killing my ability to be productive lately, not to mention how busy I’ve been with extra work and kid stuff….

  1. Yet food (albiet in smaller packages) is still coming to the supermarket.  Enjoyed Alex’s End Game and looking forward to The Obama deception even though I already know the content.

  2. folks think this is some “anti terrorism” thing (if they even pay attention), when it’s really pacification of the populace practice, in anticipation of this.

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