In Praise of Partisanship: Rush is Right

Obama’s plan would buy votes for the Democrat Party, in the same way FDR’s New Deal established majority power for 50 years of Democrat rule…..

Rush Limbaugh, drug addict

Let us review…

A devastating terrorist attack that Republicans had clear warning of…succeeded. Republicans deregulated every industry and financial entity that lobbied (bribed) them to deregulate. Then the Republicans placed those lobbyists in what remained of the gutted regulatory agencies, to ‘oversee’ their own industries. The Republicans passed tax cuts for the rich that ‘redistributed wealth’ from the poor and working classes to the top 10%, the majority of whom are, you guessed it….Republicans. Who promptly took that money out of the economy instead of using it to create jobs. The number of jobs in America steadily declined under Republican policies. The financial, economic and human catastrophe we now face was created, enabled and….ignored until it blew up in all of our faces….by Republicans.

Republicans started spying on American Citizens before 9/11. And as recent revelations confirm, spied on ALL Americans. The Republicans did this with no due process, no probable cause and no warrants. The Republicans established Gitmo. The Republicans thus dissolved Habeas Corpus, the basis of all law in Western Civilization, and began to torture the detainees. Many of which have been proven to be innocent…and in the process established the number one recruiting cause of an entire generation of new terrorists. Number one anyway, until the Republicans transported their torture techniques and regimen from Gitmo….to Abu Ghraib.  Which brings us to…the Republicans invaded Iraq. Widely viewed as the greatest foreign policy blunder in American history, the Republicans are directly responsible for the deaths of up to a million Iraqis…and over 4000 dead American soldiers and tens of thousands of wounded ones.

All while the Republicans decimated every aspect of Veterans funding and allowed Walter Reed Hospital to become a scandal of Republican neglect of our troops…all while the Republicans were calling any and all critics of their terrible policies unpatriotic traitors….who didn’t support the troops.

The Republicans exposed an entire CIA nuclear anti-terrorism network that Valerie Plame worked at, in order to punish her husband, a critic of the Republicans. Then covered it up and obstructed justice in the trial of convicted Republican criminal Scooter Libby. The Republican president then commuted this Republican criminals jail sentence.

A Republican Senator was arrested in an airport bathroom for soliciting gay sex. A Republican Senator admitted being diapered by a prostitute. A Republican Congressman was forced to resign for inappropriate contact with underage Congressional pages. All while the Republicans pushed their “Family Values” agenda against the GLBT community and the rest of America. And Terry Schiavo.

The Republicans subverted, corrupted and politicized the Department of Justice. To the point of Republican Attorneys General refusing to enforce lawful Congressional subpoenas against….any and all Republicans. Including any Republican politicians involved in the Jack Abramoff corruption case, in which only Republicans were implicated in corruption and pay to play. Republicans imprisoned a Democratic governor of one of our 50 states for political reasons. Republicans in the DOJ targeted many more political investigations against Democrats for political purposes.

Republicans left New Orleans to drown.
And STILL haven’t done much to rebuild it.

Ok, the list is getting to long to detail, but here are a few more highlights of Republican rule:

(Many thanks to the Bush Scandals List)


Halliburton/KBR War Profiteering.

Cheney’s Secret Energy meetings, followed by $4 a gallon gas…now mysteriously back to $2.

Denial and stalling on Climate Change.

Allowing Health Care to deteriorate to its current state.

Sex, drugs and influence peddling in the Department of the Interior.

Hatch Act Violations.

Voter suppression and election tampering, the NH Phone Jamming case.

Suppression of science.

Corruption of the FDA.

Corruption of the EPA.

Signing Statements.

The Unitary Executive.

Heckuva job, Brownie.

Bernie Kerrick.

Breaking the National Guard and severely harming the military.

The Bankruptcy Bill.

Dubai Ports Bill.

Attempting to privatize Social Security (just imagine!)

Ground Zero declared non-toxic.

Ignoring Darfur.

Jeff Gannon.

Pat Tillman.

Jessica Lynch.

etc etc etc.


Yes Rush, Obama’s plan and a Democratic led government would “buy” votes for the Democrat Party, in the same way FDR’s New Deal established majority power for 50 years of Democrat rule. It would “buy” those votes in two ways.

The first way would be by NOT destroying America’s military, economy, Constitutional Rights, world reputation and moral standing through invasion and torture. As the Republicans have.

The second way would be by making the lives of all Americans much, much better, in every conceivable way.

I can understand why you and the Party Of No, who is now modeling itself after the Taliban, want Obama ….and our country …to fail. Once we have a real competent government that helps people, has a sane foreign and economic policy and is actually competent… well yes indeed, the Democrats will have a huge advantage politically. Because they can actually do the job the American People elected them to do.

Instead of, as the Republicans have done, destroying everything they touch.



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  1. Here they are…


    • Edger on February 9, 2009 at 20:26

    also known as The Communist Control Act, outlawing the Communist Party of the United States.

    The act begins by setting forth a finding of facts about the nature of the Communist Party of the United States that distinguishes it from other political parties and justifies its being outlawed. Congress found that the party presents itself as a political party like any other political party but in fact “constitutes an authoritarian dictatorship within a republic, demanding for itself the rights and privileges accorded to political parties, but denying to all others the liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.

    Why does Congress keep getting things wrong?

  2. …and far cheaper ways of helping the Democrats beat the Republicans than spending another $800 billion dollars of borrowed money, which we or our children will have to pay back.  This is perhaps the worst possible reason to support the stimulus package that I can imagine.

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