Why Omitting Contraception Was Smart Politics

For the record I support the following:

1.  Universal health care coverage for all Americans.

2.  I prefer some form of Medicare for all.  Government guaranteed, privately run health care.

3.  Put the HMO bureaucrats out of business.

4.  Keep Health care separate from employment.

More after the flip.

5.  Putting the ins7urance companies out of the health care business.

6.  An end to Big Pharma rigging the marketplace.

I also believe reproductive services should be part of any health care plan.

Did the Democrats cave in?  Often they do but not here.  This was smart, here’s why.

The GOP shot itself in the foot by highlighting the contraceptives.  Foolish of them but that’s what they care about.  So what did Obama do?  He threw them a bone.  Now Obama can say that he gave them what they want.  Obama paints the Republicans in a box. If they argue further against the real things they oppose (quality health care for Americans) they look foolish because they shot their load on the contraceptives. (Pun intended and not intended)

So now Obama gets health care passed.  We get some of what we want.  Is that caving in?  No.  Why? Because once we get half a loaf, we’ll come back for 40% more next time and be in position to get it.  And then down the road we’ll get the contraceptives coverage.

But if we go for it all now, we’ll get nothing.  That was the mistake the Clintons made in 1993, it is a mistake the Obamas are not going to repeat in 2009.


    • Robyn on January 28, 2009 at 06:17

    Give them anything and they just want more.

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