Unrepentant Republicans and Complicit Democrats…WTFU

Really, what does it take? How bad do things have to get? How much worse do things have to get? How big of a metaphorical 2×4 upside the head will it take to penetrate your comforting fog of denial?

Hey Republicans getting ready to fight every new proposal for change… Despite the fact that every single thing you have done for the past eight years has been proven to be WRONG…Not mistaken, not miscalculated, not mis-properly implemented…WRONG. Badly wrong, in theory, in philosophy, in practice, and in reality. WRONG. Just plain wrong on every conceivable level. You want proof?

LOOK AROUND YOU. And name something that is going right. Just one thing, anything, anything at all that is going well, that is working, that has not failed. Name ONE. You have been in power for eight years, you have gotten to try out all of your pet theories, you have gotten to strong arm the entire country into your image….and NONE of it has worked. And let’s get one thing straight right now. YOU did this.

And while we are at it…Hey DiFI and Jello Jay and “Fighting” Harry Reid and every other Democrat that is still in the thrall of (or complicit with) the deposed and disgraced Bush Administration…hey all of you other Dems who did not fight back…


Open your eyes.

Look around.

And see what you….yes YOU….have done. Open your eyes, look around, and then….look in the mirror.

You see that failed economy and millions of your constituents broke, jobless and foreclosed onto the street, homeless and hopeless?

YOU did that.

You see those hundreds of billions of OUR (NOT your) tax dollars being printed up and floating out the door to the folks that on your watch ruined the economy through government sanctioned greed? The American economy has been assaulted and is in real peril of failing. And taking the world economy down with it.

YOU did that.

You see that war in Afghanistan that we are losing? Do you see, regardless of the propaganda that we are “winning,” that destroyed and highly unstable sovereign nation of Iraq that YOU invaded and decimated for no good reason? Do you see all those maimed and dead Iraqis …and American soldiers?

YOU did that.

Yes…that’s right….YOU did that.

You. Open your eyes. Look around. Things are bad. REAL bad. Mind-numbingly bad. Historically bad. Epically bad.

Not hypothetically bad. Not potentially bad. REAL LIFE, SERIOUSLY BAD. Real people leading real lives are really, really suffering bad. Those people have just voted the stupid ass you followed and all of his policies (and a bunch of YOUR ilk) out. And voted change in. They have rejected YOU as much as they possibly could. Why. you ask? LOOK AROUND at what YOU have done. Everything is just immensely fucked up.

Because of YOU. Because you supported and or capitulated to a President who points to a FAILED policy (that would have made things even worse) of attempting to privatize Social Security as his major domestic accomplishment. YOU authorized the war that has helped to bankrupt us. YOU let Wall St. run amok. YOU.

Wake UP! Look around. Look in the mirror….and realize just ONE fact, in the sea of your apparent rationalization and denial. This is NOT business as usual. We are in two wars and the worst financial crisis since the great depression and have become torturers.  

YOU did this.


So either Wake The Fuck Up or Shut The Fuck Up.

Either lead, (which you have patently proved you are incapable of) follow (in other words….STFU) or GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY.

Your day is done. You blew it and we are all suffering because of you. And no amount of obstruction or whining is going to change that …or redeem you.


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  2. Are DiFi and Jello Jay really Democrats? They seem to serve the same constituency as the Republicans and vote with them.

    Here’s what Feinstein reacted to Bush appointed the corrupt Porter Goss to head the CIA:

    Statement by Senator Dianne Feinstein On the Nomination of Representative Porter Goss to be Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

    “After much thought and a careful review of the record, I voted today to confirm the nomination of Representative Porter Goss to be Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (DCI). But I do have some serious concerns – especially about the impact of this nomination on intelligence reform and his record of partisanship in Congress.

    I believe the President should have the prerogative to appoint who he wants to be the DCI, or for any other senior position, subject only to the requirement that the person be qualified for the job. As a former CIA officer, a former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and a former Army intelligence officer, I think he is certainly qualified. If he is confirmed, I would hope that he demonstrates the necessary independence required of the DCI. But there are still some open questions, which gave me some hesitancy in supporting the nomination.

    Hat tip Atrios.

    And frankly, Panetta is qualified for the job. We’re not asking him to be a “secret agent”. We’re asking him to run the spy agency — ya know, be a bureaucrat.


  3. Bush in 2004 supposedly had a mandate.

    Cheney said the popular vote victory gave Bush a mandate and the Bush White House would continue pushing for the Republicans’ “clear agenda.”

    Obama in 2008 wants bipartisanship.

    • Edger on January 6, 2009 at 20:31

    The asteroid hasn’t hit us.


    • Edger on January 6, 2009 at 20:39

    and they are innocent of any wrongdoing and/or war crimes, then I’d think they would want, welcome, and be clamoring for war crimes trial.

    Real trials. In real courts of law, to give them a real chance to prove their innocence, and avoid kangaroo courts, or public trials and crucifixions by media and blogs.

    I would have no objection whatsoever to war crimes trials for them as well as bush, cheney and other bushco members, to determine their guilt or innocence. In fact I support that strongly.

    They all deserve fair trials. Not kangaroo courts, or trials by media.

    Fair trials in courts of law. Real trials.

  4. Sure there have been a few bumps along the road these last few years . . . but ya can’t blame ALL Republicans.  And certainly not with such foul language!  All I did was defend all the screwups and try trickin’ the voters into fallin’ for it again.  It’s not like I personally waterboarded any taxpayers.  

    America needs fresh blood in the capitol there, and I have some ideas on whose blood could do the job.  The insiders are to blame and the outsiders deserve a chance.  Accordin’ to Mapquest, Wasilla is a 73-hour drive to Washington, D.C.  What could be more “outsider” than that?  Just somethin’ to consider.  

    • TomP on January 6, 2009 at 21:03

    They were wrong; we were right.  It’s that simple.

  5. What I’m feeling is that the battle is about to commence…and we’re finding out who’s lining up where (not that we didn’t know about most of these folks).

    I’m ready to march!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. interesting thoughts about all this in Broom the CIA.

    The Panetta appointment also explains a lot about Obama’s establishmentarian choices for Secretaries of Defense and State. He picked his battles, and it may be that Panetta is being sent in with a broom to sweep out the dirtiest, smelliest, most illegal enterprise in the United States government (one that has had a corrupting influence on Defense and State, too).

    And if Feinstein et al really do try to head it off at the pass and deny Panetta’s nomination, all the new president has to do is gather up some of the documents about illegal activities at the CIA – Drugs, anyone? Attempted coups? Illegal domestic surveillance? – in recent years that will be newly available to him on January 20, leak those documents to the press, cause a storm of controversy (and some Pulitzer Prizes to boot), have the new Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair, Senator Kerry, call for public hearings (reminiscent of his Iran-Contra and BCCI investigations), and, voila, place Feinstein and friends – and those who are behind them in this – in checkmate.

    Joe Biden said, during the campaign, that Obama would be tested early in his presidency. I, for one, always knew it would come not from a foreign power or even from the Republicans, but from the old guard of his own Democratic Party. If Feinstein really wants to be the spear for that test, crush her, Mr. President-elect, ruthlessly and mercilessly, along with anybody and everybody that is in the shadows behind her transparent attempt to defend the indefensible. Game on!

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