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The makers of Docudharma are overstocked, everything must go! Well not everything…..but in this case, special New Years Wishes! Here is how our Special Offer works, you just write down your wish for the New Year, and Docudharma will ship it out to you um, soon!

But wait!! That’s not all!!! If you are among the first 10,000 wishers to order, you will also receive TWO MORE wishes! That’s right! THREE WISHES all for free….and double your money back if they don’t come true!

You won’t find this offer on other blogs so write NOW to ensure that you receive your two bonus wishes!!!  


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  1. Photobucket

    • Edger on January 1, 2009 at 11:38 pm

    I wish…

    Looking back on when I

    Was a little nappy headed boy

    Then my only worry

    Was for Christmas what would be my toy

    Even though we sometimes

    Would not get a thing

    We were happy with the

    Joy the day would bring

    I wish those days could come back once more

    Why did those days ev-er have to go?

  2. 1.  I want my personal financial bailout package within the next 120 days.  It has to pay my mortgage and credit cards off, and it also has to provide a large personal bonus for my great work in surviving 2008, which bonus I will spend solely on intoxicants and travel to warm countries.

    2.  I want 4 first-base line, front row, box seats for the Mets 2009 season at the new Citi Park, but first I want the name of the stadium changed to “People’s Park” and I want all of the beer and hotdogs and popcorn and crackerjack that is consumed in those 3 seats paid for as well.

    3.  I want to watch on a brand new 60″ flat screen TV the trial of Bush, Cheney, and their henchpersons for human rights crimes, including but not limited to torture, Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, and I want to “color commentary” to be provided by Rachel Maddow, I want it “live blogged” at docuDharma, and I want an endless supply of organic popcorn and PBR while I’m watching/commenting.

    See?  I’m not very demanding.  These should be easy.  

    • kj on January 2, 2009 at 12:46 am

    fractal mandalas!   😀

    • kj on January 2, 2009 at 12:51 am

    muse in the mornings, stars hollow, friday philosophy, back alley blogging, music, art, blues!

    more more more!


  3. Boss…… are you on some new drugs?

    And can I have some. That can be one of my wishes.

    • mishima on January 2, 2009 at 1:32 am

    But what happens when the wish bubble market collapses and a bailout is needed? 🙂

  4. Benevolent space aliens “rapture” that 5% of the earth population classified as sociopaths.  That just might remove the parasitic nature of our world leaders.

    Workers unearth massive thermite charges during construction of the “Freedom” tower.

    I win mega millions, buy the horse farm and have enough left over to start the Knights of the Veil foundation.

  5. of the cable news programs to be taken over by humans with synapses that fire instead of those POD head people who blather? At one time I loved the news. Now I hate it. At least in the UK the folks who deliver the news are called “newsreaders”.

    I was thinking of starting a super secret organization that kidnaps pundits. I don’t want to actually hurt them just get them all to STFU.

    I want the pooties to clean their own litter box.

    I would wish for the whole world peace thing but if the wrong person is put in charge and fucks it up I will be even more depressed than if I never got it.

  6. I wish for the rule of law restored and I want my habeaus corpus, it seems to be a discontinued item.

    I want all the pols to only able to speak the truth. Otherwise they self explode. Same with TV talking heads.

    I corporations to not be persons, or if they still get to be then lock them up when they steal, kill and pillage. If they let all the pot heads out of prison their would be plenty of room.

    I want jobs, bags and bags of them. With really good pay.  and providing that other discontinued item common good. If they are globalized then make the whole world share in this common good. No ones labor should go to the God of profit .

    I want the resources that belong to every human on earth given back and cared for. I want mother nature not to have to become a terrorist and unleash her blow back on the earth in order to get a freakin word in edgewise.

    I want nationalism to be a word that is discontinued. along with it’s companion national interest. put globalization, free market, security, world bank, spreading democracy and fear in this bin please

    I want our sacred documents to be just that, sacred. The ones that state those self evident truths. That all of us are created equal and all striving should be towards this end. I guess I just want LOVE…  


  7. I saw the title and got all excited thinking maybe you were going to put stuff from the Docudharma Tradin Post on sale.

    And all I get is three wishes??????????

    Have to get back to ya on that one.  

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