Saturday Night Humor.

My son called me into his room to ask me what “Douche” meant.

I immediately had feelings of guilt, thinking he may of heard it from me.

Not so much.

Apparently Friday he got called into the Principal’s office for having had said it on the playground.

4th grader, 9 yrs. He had no idea why the Principal pulled him aside to :talk” after recess.

“Where did you learn this word, DOUCHE?”

“Comic books and video games.”

Principal looks puzzled.

“Why did you say ‘douche’ Jake? One of the other students heard you say it!”

Well, me & Ben were playing Star Wars, and I had the Lazer Blasters and was shooting him and they go “Doooosh, dooosh, dooosh” and he had the cannons that go “Zap, zap, zap…. ”

The principal asked if he knew what “Douche” meant.

“The sound blasters make,” Jake answered.

“Ummm, its an inappropriate word, Jake, don’t use it again, go back to class, ” she said. “Don’t use that word, OK?”

Jake said she was laughing, but at that point wasn’t sure why.


“douche douche, douche….”


  1. …bought shower gel in Western Europe?

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