Just The Facts, Ma’am

From the evidence gathered by various sources, including foreign and domestic investigative news reports and media leaks, whistleblowers, the Red Cross, the United Nations, internal reports from the Army and DoD, independent investigations from the ACLU and Human Rights watch, bi-partisan Congressional reports and the principles own confirmations that they authorized certain measures intended to keep our nation safe…it appears possible that the Bush Administration might have at some points in our nations vital Global War on Terror, barely crossed over a few legal lines here or there, maybe.


That would be a shame. The Bush Administration was confronted with a difficult situation after 9/11, how to protect America (fortunately the Bush Administration had already started wiretapping every American before 9/11, to keep us safe.) from the threat of terrorists destroying America from their caves in Afghanistan.

George Bush and Dick Cheney went about this task with exactly the same integrity, intelligence, honesty and competency that marked every act and aspect of their time in office.

It is possible that, as in other Republican Administrations, some mistakes were made.

Nobody, of course, wants to punish well meaning public servants with such a distinguished record of honesty and integrity with pesky and possibly unnecessary investigations into the past. We need to move forward.  There is simply too much that we need to accomplish to get our country back on track to concern ourselves with minor transgressions. That would be no more than petty vengeance and a politicizing of valid policy decisions such as alleged torture and war crimes, allegedly exposing vital intelligence networks, allegedly manufacturing evidence to present before Congress and the United Nations, allegedly illegal domestic wiretapping, and allegedly corrupting the entire Department of Justice for political ends. No one wants that.

All we want is the facts. Just a clear statement of the facts, so that we can then move forward into a bright and prosperous future, knowing that these charges are unfounded.

Unfortunately, due to partisan concerns and the confusion they have caused over the facts…that will surely vindicate our President…it seems necessary to put any question of possible wrongdoing to rest. In order to take politics out of the equation, it seems that the best way to proceed is to appoint a Special Prosecutor (despite the unfortunate implications of prosecution implied) to merely investigate these obviously spurious charges. And clear the good name of the Bush Administration once and for all.

Just an investigation. Just the facts.

Once any questions of wrongdoing have been addressed, then we can move forward as a nation knowing that the record is clear and complete. Our nation can move on, and all of the officials of the Bush Administration can live out their lives in exactly the fashion they have so richly earned and so richly deserve, after their years of service.

We MUST clear our former presidents good name.  

To that end, I ask you to go and sign a petition to appoint a Special Prosecutor, so that we can put any doubts about the past behind us…and move forward.

Thank You!


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    • Alma on January 24, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    at free republic?

    • robodd on January 24, 2009 at 8:31 pm

    thought you went over to the dark side there for a moment.

    Alright, I’m in the spirit now.  Help create the Bush Legacy, sign the petition!

    • Edger on January 25, 2009 at 2:02 am

    to clear bush’s “good name”. Did he ever have one? Has it always been an invisible thing, like his own “god”?

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