Infamous Iraqi Prison Set to Reopen

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They say a picture speaks a thousand words.

Well we got rid of all those Saddam pictures around the country, now didn’t we!!

Abu Ghraib Prison To Reopen

Infamous Iraqi Prison Set to Reopen

Iraq’s most notorious prison is almost ready to reopen for business.

Iraqi justice officials say Saturday the Abu Ghraib prison will start holding prisoners again in February.

Deputy Justice Minister Busho Ibrahim says the renovated facility will be renamed the Baghdad Central Prison and that it will eventually house up to about 14,000 prisoners.

How long will the memories last, and how many will be carrying the rage that may just grow inside of them!!

“enemy combatant” being held on the US mainland.

Brother campaigns for ‘enemy combatant’

Mr al-Marri, a Qatari national, was arrested in the US in December 2001. He was charged with credit card fraud and lying to the FBI, but before his trial was due to start he was declared an “enemy combatant” and accused of being an al-Qaeda sleeper agent tasked with hacking into computers to disrupt the financial system.

“There was no contact with the outside world, no contact with lawyers, no contact with family, no contact even with the Red Cross and that’s when the worst abuses went on.

“He was subjected to a barrage of interrogation techniques that bordered on, if not amounted to torture – painful stress positions, extreme sensory deprivation, extreme isolation, threats of violence or death.”

Mr al-Marri’s brother Jarallah is now campaigning for his release. Jarallah al-Marri was himself held at Guantanamo Bay for almost seven years. He says his brother’s predicament is much worse.

“I think my brother has a really hard time. In Guantanamo I can contact anybody. I can yell at some people close to me, some detainees. My brother cannot yell to the other detainees at all. He’s just by himself,” he said.

He said his brother should either be charged or released.

Read this than think, Well if he wasn’t before, Would he now be after ‘Retaliation’, if he is now even in a right mind after little to no contact and possible torture or gross mistreatment!

I Would Be!!  


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