Hitting Bottom

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It’s clear to this unbiased observer that Hell froze over as the hand-basket arrived.

It’s clear the October Surprise was to saddle the in-his-heart progressive, Obama, with a fucking millennial nightmare to thwart any meaningful change which might have occurred under a regime with a human heart.


It’s the Peace Dividend all over again. There was no respite after the Cold War. The military-industrial-complex wanted more and more. Are Bush and Cheney anything more than sock-puppets for the military-industrial-complex? It’s a war-lord world and we’ve got the guns to sell.

Why do these so-called “leaders” hate people so much? There are six and a half billion people on the planet. A third is starving. A third is slaves under oppressive regimes. A bunch more are teetering on the razor’s edge of consumer collapse. And a very, very few totter around like drunk Marie Antoinette’s wondering what all the fuss is about. Why is the left so angry and why do the right strap bombs on and blow up beauty parlors?

I feel sorry for Obama. I really do. (Assuming he isn’t a tool of the Illuminati, of course.) Here’s a relatively young man forged in a true hero mold, with ideals filling his head about how much better the human condition could be and WHAM!!!


And while Bush fiddles with his legacy and Obama counts his political capital, civilization is in freefall. The capital markets, which evidently are not built upon capital but hyperbole and chutzpah, are revealed as nothing more than a shell-game where people are fleeced on the street and wake up to find their wallet missing the next morning.

Isn’t the only process due Madoff a bullet to the brain? In Saudi Arabia they cut off your hand for stealing an apple from a cart. In China they execute you for stealing paper clips from the office. But in America, swindlers and war criminals are ex-presidents and celebrities and anyway, you voted for Bush twice and the collapse of western civilization is due to a few bad apples.


The People of the United States of America (as well as hundreds of millions in other countries) have just witnessed the greatest financial swindle since FUCKING NEVER!

And I’m not talking about Madoff, but Paulson, Bernanke, Greenspan, Friedman (may he burn in hell) Rubin, Summers etc. et al.

What’s 50 Billion when you can get 10 Trillion? Money which did not even exist before but we still owe as if it did exist.

Did you have any say over the bailout? Most of us opposed it and the House voted against it initially. That 750 Billion turned out to be a drop in the bucket and all of it has been flushed down the toilet like the Two Trillion the Pentagon lost, which Rumsfeld admitted a couple days before 911.

Of course, the money isn’t lost; it’s stolen.

Remember the old saw which war-criminal President Bush mangled beyond recognition? Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

Well, Fool, is mild compared to how many times we Americans have been suckered by the ruling elites and their political principle: Kill the poor, suck the worker, sack the treasury and invest in private security firms.

Right now the system is being propped up by nothing more than belief the system exists. But as more and more see this great Capitalist system as nothing but a Bankster with no Clothes, then the closer we all come to freefall.

The safety nets were cut away long ago. The agencies and institutions meant to help citizens in distress from natural and/or man-made disasters are all bankrupt or begging for help themselves.

Did I hear something about the Porn Industry asking for a government bailout?

If Vice is suffering then you know it’s bad out there. I’ve just invested in the bathtub gin industry. There’s always money to be made through misfortune.

Meanwhile, as the global economy is revealed as nothing more than a parlor trick, the world is made more and more dangerous as more and more people are put in war-zones, refugee camps, or left on the streets to die because who cares. Does the man clinging to the life-raft help save the man swimming to it when the life-raft is already dangerously over-crowded?

Wars are fomented in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and South America. Civil unrest is expected and prepared for in the United States, the UK and Europe. The weapons industry works overtime to fill the gaps in urban warfare, crowd control and mass detention.

The world is not the same it was in 1929. Mass communication and successful propagandizing of ideals have made a populace who can take a lot, but when the tipping point is reached, we are a people who can mobilize in numbers which threaten retail sales and Saturday matinees, not to mention the rule of, for and by The Few – and I don’t mean The Marines.

Americans have been taught Entitlement. America is Exceptional in the realm of nations. Some even believe God watches over and protects America.

So when America goes south, it doesn’t have to go very far before people start saying WTF is going on here?

Why do you think Congress was threatened with a country under Martial Law if the Great Swindle wasn’t passed? The banks were bailed out because they lost all your retirement savings in Ponzi scheme investments and a hundred million Americans who just learned they have no money saved up for the Golden Years aren’t going to take it like sheep. It’s one thing to be sheared, it’s quite another to have your heart ripped out and eaten raw in some kind of Bohemian Grove ritual where the Elites laugh at the “common man” for being such fucking idiots to let morons and psychopaths like the elite lead the people around by the nose like a great lumbering Oxen.

There is another shoe to drop. After eight years of psychopathic America blowing shit up because someone, still unknown, knocked our buildings down, we end with a financial collapse of the Universe’s biggest ponzi scheme, the “free market”, and now face more wars, more human misery, more intramural strife, more acts of desperation, more retaliation, more punishment, more and more people living hand to mouth, huddled together for warmth and protection in “poverty zones” out of sight of decent people, but where it’s understood the cops won’t shake you down or check your identification for debtor’s warrants.

The view from here is only one small step ahead of reality. We’re only a perceived threat away from martial law and a few more institutional meltdowns away from stone-age bartering and weekly craft fairs.

I’ve never been in freefall more than six-feet or so before hitting bottom. It’s not enough distance to really know the sensation of freefall. Skydivers know. But skydivers don’t feel the terror of a hard landing because they know the whole reason they’re in freefall in the first place is the parachute. Hallelujah!

Maybe that’s why CEOs never seem to give a fuck. Parachutes.

But what about those of us who recognize the fall but can’t see the bottom and have no breaking mechanism from the fall to soften our landing? What happens when you hard-land and find yourself in a world without a penny or possession but the clothes on your back and the content of your character?

This is the question on my mind lately. After hitting bottom, will people repeat the mistakes and behaviors of the past and bust ourselves back to a feudal system of warlords and loathing or can people, who for ten thousand years have known nothing but violence and fear, and now see their once vaunted civilization amount to nothing more than a giant King of the Hill match, transcend what is expected of us and instead forge a new way with the human heart as its foundation instead of merely ‘cleverness’?

We shall see. We enter a nightmare. Obama is our champion. Will he hit the ground running? Or will he just hit bottom?

Pray for the best, but plan for the worst.


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    • Edger on January 8, 2009 at 17:29

    • RUKind on January 9, 2009 at 02:02

    We’re at a nexus of crises unlike any the species has seen before. In chaos theory this would be a bifurcation point. Things can go completely to hell or there could be profound change. Actually, let me rephrase that: there will be profound change. Which way that change goes is the question.

    In Chinese, crisis is composed of two characters that mean danger/opportunity, wei ji. My former Japanese manager tells me the meaning is not quite that explicit. It’s more like danger/something-will-change.

    The danger is near-astronomical. The entire world economy is based on a shared belief system in the value of the dollar relative to individual goods and services. That is in danger of evaporating. Democracy is based on a shared belief system that the elected government has the best interests of the collective governed as its goal.

    Personally, I believe you’d have to be a CFI to believe in either of those propositions at this time. But that’s beside the point.

    Obamawan stands at a leverage point in modern history where he can pull off a fundamental paradigm shift and bring forth an actual new world order if everything breaks his way. I’ve been a skeptic since 2007. However, watching him assemble his team has been like observing fantasy politics being played by a grandmaster. where the hell did one human being get all these chops?

    The numero uno problem in front of him is the elected representatives of both parties who will still be trying to play the same old game in an obsolete time frame. If they can slow things down enough in the first three months using their old partisan and turf tactics then we have a good chance the world  collapses as we know it.

    We the people need to get off our collective asses and write, phone, e-mail and threaten the political lives of any House or Senate member who stands in the way of the change needed. It’s do-or-die time. If Obama fails, it’s because we failed to back him strongly enough.


  1. I saw a good looking guy on the corner today, fairly well dressed, and clean cut. He was holding a sign saying “Family man, will work for food or diapers.”

    His head was held high, he looked determined. You could see it pained him, but he looked right into everyone’s eyes.

    This, in Brighton, a rich (or formerly) rich area.

    First time EVER.

    And so it begins…… but:

    Obama’s speech today looked as though he is serious about kicking some wall street ass.

    Its a start.

    Anyway, that sick sense of entitlement the US populace has will be a polar influence on the last shoe.

    One, it will make them far more likely to revolt when shit hits the fan.

    Two, it will make them far more likely to succumb to sectarian violence as they try to get their “entitled” portions once again.

    As I said about gaza the other day…


    Dear God,

       the humanity…. the INhumanity.

       God, if your out there and can stop it do so.

       If you can’t you’re not God.

       If you can but WON’T, I don’t want anything to do with you anyway.

    I don’t think prayer will help at this point. sigh.

  2. …We are at that evolutionary point of do or die.  I’ll join you in backing Obama and putting as much evolutionary pressure as possible on our teradactyl congress critters.  

  3. Very good wake-up diary, (as usual).

  4. It reeks of CFR, Bilderburg, Trilaterals and every other Satanically oriented globo-fascism parasitic fux.

    Old Clintonites and such.  Our “salvation”,Pahleeze.

  5. Absolutely frighteningly realistic essay!

    I have a lot of fears for the future, as well, despite the fact that I think, I believe, that Obama will make every effort to turn things around.  The problem is the devils will be at large and devils don’t just suddenly stop being devils.  And they’re already planning for another GOP victory in 2012, probably with Sarah Palin.  The unimpeached devils, with all their wealth and power, will be pulling strings in the background with their corporate buddies — I fear Obama will be thwarted at every step he tries to make — it is and will be their attempt to make him out to be a failure at everything.  The fact that the nation, the world is imperiled means nothing to them.  Human life, human suffering means nothing to them!  I hope, hope, hope that it is and will not be as severe a picture as I envision — but we have seen over and over again that wealth (power) is the “God” in this country!  Capitalism has no moral foundation!

    • dkmich on January 10, 2009 at 15:46

    Yes, cause every generation either forgets or dismisses history.   They think it might have been true for people in the “olden days”, but “they’re different”.  


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