harry, harry, harry. WTF???

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That’s my reaction, in totality, to this run-a-way train that life has become.

I am reduced to laughing an empty ironic cackle. heh. huh. spitting and sputtering. no. forget it. i’m not doing this in capital letters.

forget the rules. all the packaging. all the shiny shit. it is time to step back.

ma’am. step away from that shop window.  that’s right. and take a jump into some madness below the fold . . .

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He was certified by a canvasing board. The Secretary of State won’t sign off on it until the legal challenge is resolved (in accordance with Minnesota law).

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by acerimusdux on Tue Jan 06, 2009 at 11:26:21 AM EST

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the above, of course, changes the story about seating Franken. and yet, it doesn’t make me any happier about the way this has been handled by Harry Reid.

why does he always let the Republicans control the story? why didn’t he get out in front of it then?

why is it portrayed as him caving, once again, to republicans? unless, of course, he was caving because he didn’t learn about the MN law until the story got out of hand.

and it still doesn’t absolve reid of the burris issue. what legal authority does the SoS of illinois have to NOT sign the papers??? blago has not been convicted of anything. yet. what the fuck is going on here???

taint. talk about taint. really. you let a bunch of hoodlums rape our country and de stabilize almost the entire planet and now you are worried about taint.


we ought to consider this: harry reid refuses (or so it would seem) to lead his senate democrats to stage any kind of meaningful fight against George W. Bush and his administration. despite 35 articles of impeachment and a list of 269 war crimes, and presiding over the senate as Wall Street robbed Main Street blind and was rewarded for it with a bail out WITHOUT any conditions . . . take a breath . . . this same senate majority leader reid seems content, instead, to make a stand against seating a legally appointed (albeit not completely certified) DEMOCRATIC senator and (apparently) caves, ONCE_a_fucking_gain to Republicans and agrees not to seat another DEMOCRATIC senator who, for the record, WAS certified yesterday and appears to be fully, legally a senator. now this is a long sentence. wOw.

yeah. when the dry-as-a-reed solemn-faced senate pooh-bah decides to take stand, it’s against a guy who sounds, for all the world, like a harry reid clone.

i didn’t know anything about Roland Burris until a few days ago. and so what’s the deal here?

Prior to the announcement (of his appointment), Mr. Burris had mostly been known for his steady demeanor and for his failed gubernatorial bids.

Mr. Burris has been relatively free of controversy in his career.

Roland W. Burris has long been seen as steady, deliberate, even boring

i mean, maybe there are real and legit reasons for blocking Mr. Burris from the senate. i don’t know. but what i can’t seem to fathom is how fleckless this seems. when the real bad guys get senator reid’s votes and promise of bipartisanship.

no. i don’t get it.

yeah harry. you have courage. you have fortitude. hell, only a brave man would, once again, cave to Republicans  . . .

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid yielded to Republican threats and agreed on Monday not to immediately seat fellow Democrat Al Franken, whose razor-close victory in Minnesota faces legal challenges.


more and better democrats? really? i just don’t get it.  


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    He is a complete wimp who could fuck up a free lunch.  He doesn’t need 60 votes, he needs 80 before he could find the will to fight.   If I were Franken, I’d show up anyway.  They can’t arrest everyone.  I heard Harry Reid say “we (Senate) decide who gets seated”.  I was amazed.  I always thought it was voters and rule of law.   What a bunch of sorry assed losers we have as Democrats.  

  1. and/or a GOP’er in Dem clothing.  Either way, it’s time for Harry to be retired from a position he’s clearly incapable of holding.  What were the Dems thinking in electing this non-leader to a leadership position?  What are they thinking in allowing him to keep the job? The man’s done more for the GOP’ers than McConnel & Bohener combined.

  2. …appointed to a Senate seat by a Gov. who is under investigation by a federal prosecutor for trying to sell the seat to the highest bidder.  So, IMHO, there is no reason not to seat Franken, while there may be some legal questions on Burris.  Since IANAL, I’m not sure about all the legalities of the Burris appointment.

    One thing that over the holidays I missed was hearing who was felt to be the unnamed person from Illinois that wanted Obama’s seat and had been petitioning Blago for that Seat.  Could it have been Burris?

    IMHO, Fitz really mucked things up by partially releasing his investigation findings at the time he did, after investigating Blago for months (years?).  I really don’t understand why he had to release some of the findings, and following that press conference, practically go underground, delay hearings, etc.–leaving clouds of suspicion over the heads of so many people, with no fair hearings in sight.

  3. I couldn’t get over the pictures on the front page of the NYT with Obama and Pelosi. She’s got the “fear smile” down to a science. She looks like someone’s got a permanent invisible assault rifle pointed right between her shoulder blades.

    Be prepared for a lot of shit to hit the fan when Obama grabs the reins, folks. The cornered rats are going to start playing the last cards they have at that time, and the first ones to go down are going to be these chickenshit pseudo-Dems who have been treading water while Bu$hCo runs amok.

    Mark my words. Spitzer’s going to have a lot of company.

  4. Happy New Year!

    I am astounded that Reid would make such a statement.  Franken won — that’s it — it is HIS seat.  How are they going to fight that?  I tell you what, if they do, I think Franken would fight back HARD!

    Reid, Pelosi, et al. are disgusting personages — we need to relieve them of their pain.

    As to Burris, serendipity has it correct.  Blago is about to be impeached or demanded to resign for soliciting funds for the Senate seat left vacant by Obama.  “They” do not feel he is fit to name a replacement Senator for Obama.  The mere fact he chose Burris, despite the circumstances, changes nothing — he is not being permitted to make that appointment.

    Jesse Jackson, Jr. really wants that position big time, but it seems he’s in a struggle between the Gov. etc.  Personally, if not Jackson, I think Jan Schakowsky would be very good.   She’s strong!

    As to Fitz, I’m not sure if he had a motive or not as to timing, etc.  I’m not sure, however, that I completely agree with his methods of blasting his information out in the way he did.  I’m also not too thrilled with the way things went in the Libby case either.  He had Rove by the proverbial . . . , I’m sure, but Rove, Cheney slipped right on through!  Of course, we don’t know everything — but isn’t that the case anyway and always?

  5. of my first ever essay on Docudharma, The Democrats Political Gambit.

    There is only one conclusion to draw: complicity.

  6. The political has replaced the real. Electoral politics has brought only a facade of change. The pols all of them do not have any interest in moving the status quo back to bottom up real democracy. Oh yes I worked my butt off for Obama with eyes wide open because I know it was the best chance for ‘change’ not because of this gifted pol who made no bones about unity and bipartisan, but because the illusion, the hope he put out moved a people who had had enough.

    They are still expecting this change not just progressives but most of us. Bipartisan say the pols must go. This is just bs that allows these fuckers and I mean both parties to continue their game. The machines political still rule. do no expect these entrenched divorced from real pols to become suddenly the good guys they are not. They are the creators of the false reality we have lived under for years. The political myths we seem to buy over and over. We have our foot in the door and now is the time to push and plant the seeds of change. If electoral politics is the game at hand redouble your efforts on all fronts as change is here. Just don’t let these assholes be the ones who define it. The cats out of the bag they have blown their cover.        

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