53% of the USA is anti American

“Bottom line, he got elected, didn’t he” (warning, toxic freeper link)

He did get elected but that’s not the bottom line, merely an indicator that 53% of the USA is anti American. The atrocity isn’t Obama, the atrocity is the American people.

We need better math teachers!

In other news…


 The new administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has verbally ordered the prosecution to seek a 120-day adjournment in war-crimes cases at Guantanamo Bay.

   A commissions spokesman says the order was made through Secretary of Defence Robert Gates. The prosecution has filed a motion with the military commission in the case of Canadian Omar Khadr and those of the men accused of plotting the 9-11 attacks.

BREAKING: White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel stops Bush’s last-minute regs. Emanuel signs a memorandum ordering all agencies and departments to stop all pending regulations until a legal and policy review can be conducted by the Obama administration.

So far so good, for us the anti-American American majority.

Good thing for us liberal whiners that we have SO much Bush Legacy still to chew on, or we might run out of things to whine about! Har. Remember when we used to debate stuff like education and rights for the disabled instead of ……….torture?

24 hours or so into a new administration and dammit, I have yet to find anything to Yell Louder about! A President of the United States…..is doing things I approve of! Weird.

Soon, perhaps, if things keep going so well, we can get down to some REAL criticism of Obama on substantive issues like this!

No Grateful Dead?



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  1. It………………worked!


    It will take a while to adjust to this new reality!

    • Edger on January 21, 2009 at 7:59 pm

    If I start pulling the wings off flies will that make them happy?

  2. we better start in Jones, Oklahoma:

    Flaming Squirrel To Blame In Jones Wildfire

    A squirrel caught fire, sparking a blaze Wednesday morning that resulted in the evacuation of an elementary school in Jones, fire officials said.

    • RUKind on January 21, 2009 at 8:41 pm

    Phil, Bobby, Mickey, Billy with Warren Haynes lead and Jeff Chimenti on kbds. Warren has been outstanding with Phil & Friends the last few years. Some of those shows were better than some GD shows I’ve seen.

    Speaking of back in the day, the right wing ranter reminded of the Nixon era. If you could put it n a bumper sticker then a republican could understand it. I say we bring back:

    America – Love It or Leave It!

    Blue text with Obama logos on either end. Fuck them. They lost and they just refuse to get it. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R – TN) made the claim that Obama’s victory was not a repudiation of the Bush policies, just a call for better management.

    Maybe we can put them all on a boat on that big river in Egypt and they can self-delude for the next eight years.

    As for us, we still have plenty of work and yelling to do. We need to give Obama and the legislators air cover for the War Crimes phase. The more and louder we yell, the more the press will pick it up and the more the elected ones will jump in front of the parade.

    We’ve got a long way to go before this country is suitable for any future grandchildren I may have.


    • matt on January 21, 2009 at 8:54 pm

    And this president likes good music too! I love that Nina Simone is on there.

    • BobbyK on January 21, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    Republican ideas have failed and are indefensible. Hit em on War Crimes, the Economy, Foreign Policy, Warrantless wiretapping, Health Care, everything at once.

    Let them go ahead and try to conflate the issues. Let THEM say the President is Anti-American and see how far it gets them. Their policies have FAILED and are indefensible.

  3. this?

    President Barack Obama plunged straight into the Middle East conflict on his first day in office calling the Palestinian president on Wednesday after the last Israeli soldier withdrew from Gaza.

    Obama assured Mahmud Abbas that he intended “to work with him as partners to establish a durable peace in the region,” the Palestinian leader’s spokesman told AFP.

    The new US leader told Abbas that the Palestinian president was the first foreign leader he called since taking office, said spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina.

  4. Apparently, the freepers are overruled by God, who says it’s all of the above.

    Good ole God. Equal opportunity hat3r.  

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