They are the Branches, We are the Tree

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This essay is in support of the petition announced in buhdydharma’s Cheney Throws Gauntlet, Admits to Authorizing Murder…Now What?.

There has been endless talk about Pelosi taking impeachment off the table, the complicit Dems and corrupt Repubs, the wretched SCOTUS, the debauched and criminal Executive Branch.

The bottom line is that none of our elected and appointed representatives have, in these past eight years, stood up to this gang of crooks in an effective manner, no one in power has been able to stop them or hold them accountable for their criminal actions.

We are in the surreal position of seeing Democrats, including Obama, speaking out about a corrupt Governor, saying he should step down, be impeached, and yet maintaining a horrible silence about a corrupt and criminal Executive Branch.

Is it only a matter of power that determines whether a law is a law?  If so, then we have no law at all, but only those who have power and those who do not, and those who do not can be spied upon, tortured and killed with no recourse.

Our branches of government, legislative, judicial, executive, from where do they spring?  What is the tree?  Wouldn’t the tree be us, the people?  Government of the people, by the people, for the people?

Because the fact is, we the people have not been able to stop this gang of crooks either.

And we are all we have left.

It’s time for the tree to rattle the branches.

The most recent draft of the Citizens Petition for a Special Prosecutor brings up four charges:

The intentional manufacturing and exaggeration of evidence to justify the unnecessary, illegal, and immoral invasion of a sovereign nation.

The widespread and approved use of torture by the Bush Administration.

Illegal Wiretapping of American Citizens, prior to “legalization” under FISA “reform.”

Obstruction of Justice in the Plame Case.

There are so many other crimes committed by this misAdministration, but the actions enumerated under these four charges have caused unimaginable suffering and destruction both here in the US and around the world, and challenge the very basis of whether we are a nation of laws or of men.

They are a good beginning, imo.

If there is no hope that our elected and appointed representatives will do the right thing, then we the people are all that is left between tyranny and freedom.

An informed citizenry is the best antidote to tyranny and corruption.  Due to the mess that is our media, our citizenry is anything but informed.

Spreading this petition would be a good step in the direction of making sure the citizens of the United States of America are not allowed to deny or hide from the truth of what has been done in our name.

We are the tree.  We are all we have.  The branches cannot stand without us.  If we are indeed living under tyranny, let us see that for what it is.  If there is still a democracy to be had, then we have to be the ones to protect and maintain it.


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  1. … at the Orange.

  2. are just the tip of the iceburg. The looting of public money, the subversion of our laws, the graft, corruption. It kills me that Blago is unfit for office while Bush is running around talking about what a heck of a job he did and all the Kings men including the Democrats and the idiot press are acting like the Bushies were/are not criminals. This is not unity this is called ‘two legs better’.    

    • BobbyK on December 19, 2008 at 1:42 am

    is lost as long as there is no credible Rule of Law.

    The consequences of this are unimaginable and far reaching.

    Not just chaos on the street. Street justice accepted as justice and organized crime.

    Third world economic conditions- like Russia only worse.

    American money worth as much as our reputation.

    If the Obama administration sweeps the crimes of the last eight years under the rug…No Justice. No Peace.

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