Buffalo Party

Oh give me a home…

by mimabanta (flickr creative commons)

Buffalo Soldier – Bob Marley

Buffalo Gals – Bruce Springsteen

Buffalo Stance – Neneh Cherry

~♥~ Don’t Rec the Buffalo Party.   This is Open Thread. ~♥~


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  1. As an alumnus of the Univ. of Colorado I posted this in honor of Ralphie.  Buffaloes are the team mascot and before each football game they have a live buffalo that they run around the field.  The very first run of Ralphie V went out of control.  She trampled over one guy out of the gate and then gets away from most of the handlers.  Check the people in the background of this photo.

    Ralphie – Wikimedia Commons

    video footoage

  2. Ralphie goes where Ralphie wants to go!

  3. Caribou Barbie feels left out, here are the cousins:


  4. pic…and ceiling cat can’t help me right now, so:

    attic cat

    • Edger on December 20, 2008 at 10:16

    Bill Murray played Hunter Thompson in the 80’s movie “Where The Buffalo Roam”. Neil Young did part of the soundtrack for it.

    Great movie… 😉

    • kj on December 20, 2008 at 16:59

    my gawd.  i do love this site.  

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