A Warning about Christian Ministry Giving

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FlashPOINT is a new TV News Report program on WCNC 36 in Charlotte NC that airs on Sunday mornings carrying mostly local interest issues, but some having national implications, such as on the Banking and Investment corporations.

This morning they had a very good show about being careful who and what Christian Ministries you might give to.

FlashPOINT | Inspiration Network investigation

December 12th, 2008

Ministry Watch is warning donors to stop giving to a Christian television network headquartered in the Charlotte area.

WCNC 36 Video Report

How do you know your donation is being put to good use? Warren Smith of Ministry Watch gives advice for donating.

WCNC 36 Video Report

Ministry Watch was founded by successful money manager Rusty Leonard, who wanted to know where his Christian dollars were going.

WCNC 36 Video Report

Always be Very Careful in giving to Any Organization, not only those who claim religion, at times of trouble Especially