Why Doesn’t Sarah Palin Go Away?

Elections are over!  Still, Sarah Palin is in the news every day.  

Palin urges GOP governors to keep Democrats honest

By BRENDAN FARRINGTON, Associated Press Writer  – Thu Nov 13, 6:18 pm ET

—–MIAMI – Sarah Palin called on fellow Republican governors to keep the new president and his strengthened Democratic majority in check on issues from taxes to health care as she signaled she’ll take a leadership role in a party searching for a new standard-bearer.

Addressing the Republican Governors Association meeting Thursday, this year’s GOP vice presidential nominee – and an oft-mentioned candidate for 2012 – revisited some aspects of the bitter campaign and talked about the role of the governors in the coming year. After losing the White House and several seats in the Senate and House, the party is engaging in some soul-searching about its direction. . . .

The title alone blows me away!  While the Repugs have lied, cheated and stolen for all of these past eight years, Palin is now the criterian?

Follow me . . . .

And, this, today:

Facing Palin factor, Romney mulls political future

By GLEN JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer  – Fri Nov 14, 3:12 am ET

–AP – In this Oct. 23, 2008, file photo

former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney

answers questions during …

—BOSTON – Tagg Romney was in his office the other day when the door opened and in popped his father, Mitt Romney, dropping off the family dog.

It was a mundane task that highlighted Romney’s change in fortunes: Instead of managing a White House transition, or preparing to assume the vice presidency, the man who failed in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination and was passed over by John McCain for running mate is focusing on his family and political interests.

And it may stay that way through 2012 and beyond.

The surprising ascendancy of McCain’s eventual pick, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and her popularity among some GOP conservatives have left Romney wondering whether he could wage a viable second campaign for the White House, according to friends and advisers. . . . .

Well, I’m sure you already know that Palin is in your face!

I’ve so often said, Palin would make an excellent neocon mouthpiece! Well, guess what?  It was the neocons that chose Palin to be McCain’s running mate.  And now, the same neocons that brought you Bush and Cheney are preparing to bring you Sarah Palin to run for president in 2012 – I’m talking about the neocons of the PNAC.  The PNAC is back:*

*They never left.  But their website did!  Now, it’s back!  Project for New American Century

The utter audacity and brazenness of the PNAC is remarkable – in the face of what their policies have wrought through Bush and Cheney.  And now, they’re getting prepared for the next whack at our democracy through Sarah Palin.  Evil does not go away of its own volition!

Through the utter inaction to hold anyone in the current Administration accountable, the PNAC has, obviously, received a clear message — that the path is clear for them to “operate” toward a 2012 victory in their inimitable “do any and all things necessary” methodology.  Afterall, look at how successfully eight years of their policies were pulled off and the resultant power and wealth accumulated.


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  1. and the PNAC neocons are already doing their homework, to fight Obama and set a win for 2012!

    Fight for Impeachment!  FIGHT!  

  2. I left Docudharma already . . . did ya just expect me to go away “cold turkey” from everywhere all at once?  I’ve still got clothes that haven’t been worn yet!    


  3. Remember Dan Quayle?  The hope seems to be that, since she’s a smart girl (?), she will learn something about government by 2012.

  4. Why Sarah Palin Fired up the Public’s Sexual Imagination

    By Susannah Breslin, The Frisky. Posted November 14, 2008.

    From her hairstyle to her politics, America remains obsessed with the female politician who seemingly came out of nowhere.

    Even with the presidential election over, Sarah Palin remains a prominent figure. From her hairstyle to her politics, America has been and remains obsessed with the female politician who seemingly came out of nowhere. And while some debated her political platform, others were more preoccupied by her sexual identity. From a Palin sex doll to an homage adult movie, the sexualization of Palin won’t quit. Most recently, writer Rachel Kramer Bussel created Sarah Palin Erotica, a site dedicated to erotic stories about the former Republican vice presidential candidate. After the jump, an interview with Bussel that reveals why Americans can’t get over Palin.

    The Frisky: How did you come up with the idea for the site? . . .

    OMG, so that’s it — sex?  Did you ever get the feeling Americans invented sex and sexuality?

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