The 40% Solution Bush Considers His Legacy

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Something leaped from an internet page today, it was about Bush and his legacy, what he wants it to be or the grand delusion.

“I’d like to be a president (known) as somebody who liberated 50 million people and helped achieve peace;

I diary about Iraq off and on with disappointing results which seems to plague all of us who try to report what is happening there. Many people don’t believe the numbers as evidenced by comments on on another poster’s Iraq diary earlier this week. People actually believe the Surge has worked to the benefit of Iraqis and there is no genocide. For all of you who do not believe the numbers, remember, what you know of Iraq is filtered through the sociopathic delusions of George W. Bush. We don’t do body counts. Why would he mention dead and maimed Iraqis, the very fact we do not count tells you how trivial their lives are in the greater scheme of all things GWB.  George W. Bush has the deranged wish to be remembered for liberating Iraq from the grip of Saddam? Let him and all of us remember this …  

On the eve of our invasion, March 19, 2003 as been estimated at between 22 and 25 million men, women and children. The number aid agencies quote is just under 24 million. The numbers, the facts you will be reading about are gathered from UNICEF, the United Nations, WHO, various medical journals, relief organizations, governments of Syria and Jordan and eye witness reports on the ground. Whenever possible they have been verified with muiltiple sources. You can tell yourself they aren’t true, but the unfortunate reality is if anything they are under reported.

On March 19, 2003 this sovereign nation of 24 million had already endured the punishing bombings that destroyed much of the infrastructure and 12 years of an equally punishing embargo. An embargo that cost the lives of at least 2 million Iraqis from disease and malnutrition, 40% were children. Not only was Iraq no threat to us, they were being systematically reduced to a third world nation.

U.S. forces plan to drop more than 1,500 bombs and missiles across Iraq in the first 24 hours of its “shock and awe” campaign that began Friday, Pentagon officials said.

The initial bombings, Shock and Awe, the march to Baghdad, our smart bombs directed with surgical precision at military and government targets only. The Lancet reported their estimate of 100,000 dead in the early days of the war, many others have placed the estimate as high as 285,000. Thank god we used precision guided bombs targeting ONLY military and government facilities. 2,000 pound bombs designed to limit collateral damage in urban areas in deed. You can’t believe those numbers and yet there are thousands of pictures of civilian structures leveled, destroyed apartment buildings and whole blocks of homes leveled in virtually every city of any size in Iraq. Hospitals and emergency services were overwhelmed, bodies were routinely buried in trenches.

The civilian death toll is now estimated at 1.3 million and climbing. Oh the Surge you say has stopped all the violence directed at the civilian population, well not exactly. Not three months after the start of the Surge Sectarian Violence started increasing. Sectarian Violence is the polite word for ethnic cleansing, genocide. The talk is about how calm the neighborhoods in Baghdad, but a study of nighttime satellite images shows many of those neighborhoods are vacant. the occupants either killed or run off. Almost every place violence is down is because those areas are empty, or those still populated have already been cleansed of ethnic undesirables before the Surge started. Since the Surge we have been building more walls to isolate more neighborhoods in cities from Baghdad to Falluja. We have also increased our unmanned drones and missile attacks. In the past whole cities have been told to evacuate, this means literally going into the hills, it has contributed greatly to the numbers of displaced in country. All those left in the city are considered enemy combatants and killed on sight, women and children, the elderly, it matters not.  Now the Surge enables ethnic cleansing with more walled off neighborhoods. The insurgency is forced out, the neighborhood left defenseless and the Iraqi military or ethnic militia, ethnic vigilantes clean up ridding it of undesirables. The Surge has made Iraq safer for our troops but done little to improve safety or security for the average citizen.

There are tons of unexploded ordinance many with a failure rate as high as 40%. These pose a huge danger to the civilian population along with the 800 or more metric tons of DU weapons and waste dotting the landscape. Du will kill and maim millions more, generation after generations until the virtual end of time. Cancer rates and birth defects are already up dramatically. I point you to this excellent diary It Was Done in Your Name by clammyc. There are only two countries using DU weapons with impunity, the USA and UK.

We are the occupying nation and as such we have internationally recognized and well defined obligations to the citizens of Iraq, we have failed miserably in that duty. The condition of the infrastructure and services is substantially worse than when the war started.  We have allowed their women to be raped and murdered, their sacred sites destroyed and defiled, their antiquities plundered and robbed them of their future.

Today 3.5 Iraqis have fled the country to Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon and other European countries. We have taken less than 6,000 over 5 years. There are another 3 million homeless in Iraq, 2.6 million of them are children, many will not survive. 1.6 million maimed and burned and broken. This represents 40% of the population of Iraq and Bush’s real legacy.


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  1. Crossed posted KOS

    • OPOL on November 30, 2008 at 19:13

    What’s become of us?

  2. or torture. We historically believe that were the good guys always. Native Americans were in the way of our Manifest Destiny, Democracy needs spreading to nations and cultures because it’s good, and were saving the world. Growth that kills and superpower are the dark side of our culture. This round of insanity is not isolated it just reached farther into the depths of human degradation. The white wash has begun. In my life this is the second time I have watched a violent uncalled for, geopolitical war passed off as a noble cause. We were helping the people. Were heroes, we support the troops.

    Everytime I hear a pol start with the Iraqis need to stand up and take responsibility or we need to win I just cry. The worst is the talk about how the mistake was in the prosecution of the war not in the fact that this was one of the most blatant, criminal invasions we have attempted. The powers that form our ‘foreign policy’ will not allow the story to change. Bush would have been impeached long ago if he did not have their support. This homicidal psycho, in a long line of killers, served their agenda well. His fault was he was incompetent. Jeez.        

  3. Recc’d with rage. Why the F(#k did we as Americans let this happen? Rhetorical, of course, to a certain degree. Like all of us here, I know what happened, and how. But why? Is America truly Amerika? Sadly, my answer is yes.

    The sense of personal responsibility is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life. I should have, I could have, done more, somehow.

    What is important now, is there any way to rehabilitate the land. Cover up the DU? Build new cities far from the concentrations of DU seen in the current cities? What can we, or anyone do for the land? I used a whole printer cartridge making copies of clammyc’s great post (It should be required reading in elementry school!!)to pass around, most people from center left on to wrong wouldn’t even read it. They called it bullshit. I still have a couple of copies I couldn’t give away.

    And still the hummers roll over our highways, luxury military vehicles for a decadent, ignorant populace that believed the lies, ignored the crimes, and has thanksgiving waiting for the huge christmas sales.

    SICK! And I say sick with the same meaning implied as when I learned it 60 years ago.

    Thanks snackdoodle for not letting this issue die.

  4. Just Foreign Policy keeps tabs on the number of dead Iraqis since the invasion, which now stands at 1,288,426.

    Also, a little known fact is that we actually began bombing Iraq, in June 2003 (and I think previous to that) and flew some 21,000 air sortis over southern Iraq, causing great damage to civilian and military targets.  Leading to Iraq: High crimes and misdemeanors. June, 2002, continued.  I have other information on this, but I can’t yet find it or it’s become inaccessible. But these sortis also targeted all the crops, cutting off food supplies.

    What we have done is endless and is so brutal and heinous, there is no way we can ever redeem ourselves.  We owe the Iraqis much, what’s left of them!    

  5. DU dust stays in the air ad infinitum and it will travel.  Using DU’s is another form of genocide since it will continue to affect the health of Iraqis and their newborns, and in time others.

    In the famous Fallujah episode, white phosphorous was used on people and they melted, literally.

    The cruel reality of Bush et al accusing the Iraqis of having WMD’s, when we went ahead and actually used them.

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