Something Old, Something New

Allow me to join in on the “What the hell is Obama doing?” watch. First, allow me to say…..don’t we have anything better to do? And then answer myself, apparently not!

It does seem that even a looming Obama presidency has sucked a lot of drama out of the room. Even dramatic stuff like the attempted murder of the Endangered Species Act is tempered by the sense that when Obama really gets in, he will ….fix stuff.

Now whether that is true or not remains to be seen, and the tea leaf reading that everyone in the blogosphere seems to be engaged in is pretty valid in that regard. Since basically all we are doing now is……………………………………………………………..waiting.


Emmanuel, Lieberman, Clinton…Oh MY! Where is the change? Where is the hope? Just as during the primaries when the parsing of who Obama really is was fraught with speculation, we are all looking for some big sign of what Obama’s REAL plan is. We are still looking for drama. Well part of his real plan seems to be….governing. Well. Or at least as well as possible under the circumstances. And let us not forget that the circumstances of governing….suck. The horrid and frightening machine of Governance is all in still in place, nothing has illustrated that more than perhaps the worst offenders of all, The Old Boys Club that is the Senate.

Keeping Lieberman and lauding the convicted criminal Stevens shows just how much stagnation and inertia we are up against. It shows us how hard change is going to be, and how slow. And how much resistance there is going to be. And how much Obama is going to have to ‘play the game.’ IF he wants to change this cancerous status quo, so cancerous that it barely blinked as Bush raped (sorry, no other word for it!) our government and the country and the world. These are the people he is trying to bring change to.

To ‘them’ it is just a job. In a way or nation is ruled by the office politics of DC more than any other kind of politics. The “new guy” isn’t going to get any breaks, or much of a honeymoon. He is not going to be able to do a radical restructuring, he is going to have to play the game and work for change from within….at least at first. Maybe we can hope for more later. But one of the reasons Carter failed, and Clinton failed to get health care through early in his term was that they didn’t play the game….and thus the Old Boy Network turned on them and taught these upstarts a lesson.

So Obama is assembling the Usual Suspects. The old guard. As he has to if he wants to get anything done. If he can’t get things done, the wolves will take him down in record time, and he knows it. The DC establishment is like high school, except with rabid badgers on meth instead of people, and real, BIG money and power at stake. Dog eat dog is a tea party, compared to these emotionally stunted adolescents as they jockey for status and a payoff.

And those are the people that are on HIS side! Let alone those who are out to sabotage his presidency.

Only after he propitiates the beast of the status quo and fluffs the pillows of both the bureaucrats and the congressional and media Heathers to the point that each and everyone of them feels that he has personally stroked them can he even hope to bring some change.

If ‘the system’ doesn’t change him first.  


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  1. the question is how do We The People help create the change. You are right about the Old Boys Club, and there is wisdom to how the Constitution was framed to prevent change from being too swift in any direction. But Jefferson reminded us that the tree of liberty must occasionally be watered, I’m all for blood-letting the gop to accomplish that task. But it seems that some blood must be shed amongst democrats as well, and of course LIEberman.

    (As a side note: I simply cannot fathom the long psychological road that guys like Lieberman and Abramoff have to walk to reconcile their actions with their alleged faith as Orthodox Jews).

    The choice of Emmanuel as COS seems wiser by the day as the reality of governance comes closer. Obama is going to have to kick ass first, a little Presidential shock and awe to achieve anything in these crazy times.

    Continuing to hold the torch of hope!

    • robodd on November 21, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    I believe that “destiny has taken a hand” (particularly in economic events) and there is no option for O but radical change–much sooner than you might think.

    • OPOL on November 21, 2008 at 7:49 pm

    With the very best thoughts and hopes for the Obama administration, our work clearly remains cut out for us.  We will have to fight for every inch.  At least we aren’t fighting a republican administration (or won’t be soon, just not soon enough).

    I saw a reporter actually question Steny Hoyer on the introduction of corporate lobbyists to the incoming freshman congress critters.  “Is this change?” he wanted to know.  “isn’t this business as usual?”

    “Got an alternative?” Hoyer said with his usual smug arrogance.

    To which I thought, ‘I got your alternative right here Steny.’

    • Edger on November 21, 2008 at 7:49 pm

    “rabid badger on meth”? Who you callin’ a rabid badger on meth?

  2. too, Waxman is supposed to replace Dingall. The Villainous Rahmn delivered a scathing nasty speech to Wall Street crowd about the need for universal healthcare. Waiting is frustrating but I’ve had enough drama and outrage to last the rest of my life and I’m sure their will be more coming up so why not chill until we have the next administrations onslaught of dirty deeds. Do our imitation of congress and keep our powder dry, keeping the Bushies in our sights as they leave.

    I do not think Obama can throw out the bums as then Washington would be deserted. I read where he is trying not to make the same mistakes as the Clinton administration in the sense of trying to remake what is entrenched. The media is churning out rumors and drama and their kicking up so much dust I can not tell WTF is going to happen.

    I’m still remolding my house and so I’m resigned to the chaos and mess of change. My house is old and I’m not going to tear it down and start over as it would not be my house. The carpenters I’ve hired have to deal with all the nasty stuff under the various layers and as they are craftsmen and creative I let them have at it. Well, mostly I do freak but it has become a series of compromises as to what goes and what stays and how to incorporate the new. I’m learning to love the noise of and dirt of change.            

  3. watchers watch the watched (Us, Them Him).  It goes to bolster my profound belief that all/most/many/some humans are lazy thinkers waiting for the Messiah (even if He/She/It) goes  by any other Name to come and save us from our sloth.

    Of course when that happens instant rejection and condemnations will take place.  History is replete with crucifixians, witch burnings, the rack, hanging drawing and quartering, and therapy and 12 Step Programs


    We’ll do anything rather than take responsibility

    So far I see absolutely no reason to beleive Obama is not doing EXACTLY wht he said he wanted   and would do if we elected him, which was to Re-make the World, not just re-arrange the deck chairs.  The stewards he has selected so far are capable, competent, know their way around the ship and how to steer it and work the engines.  

    What change are people looking for? the bunch of arrogant Arkansas airheads Clinton brought in, the bunch of loudmouthed Texans Bush brought in?  Took them well over a year and plenty of mistakes before they even found the men’s rooms, they used the ladies rooms thinking the bidets were urinals.

    That’s CHANGE enough for me. almost 360 degree change in fact from the last bunch of bumblebums.

  4. …and pull the covers up over my head.

    Would somone please volunteer to hold my ‘torch of hope’ until I feel better.  —  Don’t want to set it all on fire.

    • pfiore8 on November 22, 2008 at 1:34 am

    it could be those he has chosen on his side have these qualities:

    1. they are bright and able

    2. they have a depth of influence in other circles

    3. they have potential to transcend corporatism

    okay. i know i’m still starry eyed after Nov 4. i know i said why not vote third party. i know i think dems and rethugs alike are dolts.

    but. there really is something about Obama. maybe it’s merely and superficially charisma. maybe. but god. it looks so real on his face. it sounds so real. his relationship with Michelle. the kids. his mother-in-law.

    so i’m thinking. maybe. just maybe he knows exactly what he’s doing. he’s surrounding himself with those he judges most able, most able to influence outwards, AND those most susceptible to transformation . . . maybe those he’s tricked are the establishment types and corporatists. maybe he’s going to give Hillary the room to be the best Sec’tary of State we’ve ever had. just like we, the people, can give Obama the room and expectation to be among our greatest presidents.

    hey. it’s the honeymoon. let me enjoy it. you know i’ll have no problem reverting back to dour and sour. but now? i am sending every bit of positive energy and positive expectation i have to our President-elect.

    also. the thing about Clinton era. it’s my memory that lots of those people left his admin over his lying and conduct (not necessarily the act itself… but how he handled it). he had newcomers. bright starry-eyed energetic types… now seasoned.

    and he’s not going to make the mistake of stocking clinton people and then putting Hillary in a power position… let’s not let the media skew our view here. i mean, come on. and if he’s overlooked that, well, then yeah. we’re still fucked.

    • Metta on November 22, 2008 at 2:01 am

    his administration.  I was not expecting to like each and every appointment.  There are some new faces and some familiar (Daschle brought a smile to my face).  He needs a solid team for the reckoning ahead!!  I am still so glad it is him going forward.  The sour taste and burning images of Sarah is finally leaving my mouth and my dreams are no longer haunted!!

    Metta~~~>shakes off a shiver and replaces it with a hopeful smile

    • kj on November 22, 2008 at 7:36 pm

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