She said what?????????

This is going to be a short little essay about something I saw today that busted my chops. Not sure if others will be interested, but I wanted to say something.

I would guess that you’re all aware that Michelle Bachmann was re-elected (boo-hiss-boo). Really, it was a pretty big disappointment for the rest of us who live in this state. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the opportunity to vote against her.

Anyway, she’s all wonderful and cudly about Obama winning now – after she accused him of being anti-American. Here’s what she told Politico:

After suggesting that Barack Obama had anti-American views in an exchange three weeks ago with MSNBC host Chris Matthews, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) told Politico Thursday that she was “extremely grateful that we have an African-American who has won this year.” She called his victory “a tremendous signal we sent.”

“I have not seen the United States as a racist nation,” said Bachmann, who represents Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District, in the east-central part of the state. “In my district, I don’t sense racism, and that’s why I’m thankful that hopefully this will send a national signal across our country that America is not a nation made up of racists. … On the same hand, I hope that the national media will not confuse disagreement with Obama’s policy positions with being consumed [by] racism.”

Ok, the easy part first. Who is this “we” that sent a “tremendous signal?” And she did NOT criticize Obama’s policy positions. She called him anti-American based solely on an association.

But here’s the really amazing part. Note the part of her statement I bolded. Bachmann’s district includes the town of St. Cloud, MN which is home to St. Cloud State University. Over the last year, the school has been plagued by things like swastikas and KKK insignia all over campus. The last incident happened just over a month ago. Its gotten so bad that two African American professors at the University sent a letter to over 40 schools, community centers and churches warning that residency in St. Cloud “can be hazardous to black people.” We have plenty of racism in Minnesota, but Michelle Bachmann’s district is the biggest talk of the state on that issue.

Now is the time I wish I had a higher capacity for snark. I’d love to say something funny and biting about this woman. But all I’ve got is this: “She said what???????????”


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  1. can supply me with the snark I so desperately need. I’m just not up to the task right now. My snark is deficient on most occasions anyway. But when I’m this dumbstruck, it just disappears altogether.  

    • Edger on November 9, 2008 at 01:47

    much of anything outside her own little ingrown thoughts and fears, really. She’s just saying what she thinks is the right thing to say for public consumption and probably thinking it excuses her from being the asshole she is.

    Shit, did I say that??

  2. Bachmann has “not seen the United States as a racist nation;” staffers begin mad search for Rep.’s glasses.

    Rep. Bachmann does not “sense” racism; however, does smell and taste it.

    Veterinarians express concern Minnesota attack dog has lost sense of sight; also sense.

    Sun rises in East; in other news, Republican Congressperson lies.  

  3. Supply response here:


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