Re-Building Plan for the Religious Wingnutery and Repug Party??

I may be jumping to a wrong conclusion here but this looks mighty suspicious and sounds rather wingnutery.

Could there be a Nationwide Call Out, is this a challenge to the Dems and Indies to get it on as well, or have they finally figured out what Sex really is {not bj’s or hand signals in public johns} and with whom and want to celebrate their new found intelligence.

The commentary, leading me to think the christian right thus repug, is written by John Kelso in the Austin Statesman, and as he writes

it’s a great big church with about 20,000 members over five campuses

Anyone who knows of this Mega Church,  Fellowship Church in the Dallas suburb of Grapevine, can set me straight.

Here’s what he’s doin this coming Sunday:

Pastor to ask flock to make whoopie, and lots of it

The Rev. Ed Young of the Fellowship Church in the Dallas suburb of Grapevine says he’ll challenge the married members of his flock to have sex seven days in a row . He plans to deliver this message in his Sunday sermon, while sitting on a bed. The start-up date for this suggested activity is Sunday. So not only are they not resting on the seventh day at Fellowship Church, it’s ‘Gentlemen, start your engines’ on the seventh day. Or, as they say, ‘On your mark, get set, go.’

There does seem to be a couple of problems with this Rev. call as John writes, the Cowboys are playing the Redskins on Sunday night, and Sunday is the Day Of Rest for True Christians, reason we have Sunday Football and NASCAR.

But as is written:

Here’s how Father Kelso sees it. If these guys in the church get lucky seven days in a row, then they truly are blessed.

Wonder how and where the wives come into the good revs. thinking.

John poses a good question as to the Sunday Mass:

Here’s something to ponder: I wonder if they’ll be handing out the blue pills instead of those skinny wafers during Communion?

On an upbeat note:

The thing I really like about this proposal is that it puts Texas in a jolly light for a change. Usually all you hear about us Texans lately is downer stuff. You know, stuff like how State Education Board Member Cynthia Dunbar , who said Obama is sympathetic with terrorists plotting to attack the U.S., is a couple slices short of a full pie. And George W. Bush comes here occasionally to clear brush.

But he could use some help in finding scripture as he explains:

I’m not sure this follows any widely accepted religious doctrine, though. If there’s anywhere in the Good Book where it says people are supposed to go hanky-panky seven days running, let me know what page that shows up on so I can mark it for future reference. This is important guy information. I can hear guys all over town saying, “See? It says so right here.” As I run my mind through the Ten Commandments, I can’t think of one that says Thou Shalt Get After It for Seven Days Running.

So if anyone knows of where it could be found, in one of the many re-writings of the bible or heard your pastor tell ya it’s there, visit the site and let John know.

Also as the Stock Market tanks or runs it’s roller coaster rides, up and down, you might want to grab a big chunk of Drug Stocks, any company producing Viagra or similar Enhancement Drugs or maybe even click on one of those Spam E’s about growth drugs for your little buddie down below and find out what company makes those, not to worry about working or not suckers are born every minute and this could produce even more.

What say Dems and Indies, can you go reight or more days, but for those Christians, Jews, Muslims, take your days of rest as per teachings, would only be the right way.

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