Pundits Are Trying to Steal the Election: Push Back!!

Ah, a bloggers work is never done!

Right this very moment the same blow-dried blowhards who bear as much responsibility for the last eight years as anyone besides Dick Cheney are attempting to spread their bullshit over the Change that our nation chose last night.

We were all worried about the Republicans stealing another election and We The People made damn sure that didn’t happen by turning out in record numbers. By giving Change a mandate. But now the pundits are attempting another kind of theft, they are trying to steal the election results. By defining what the election meant. And by trying to define what it meant, they are attempting to define what it will mean. The pundits are trying to steal the election from Change, and give it back to the status quo. They must be stopped!

Just as the blogs defined Sarah Palin in the days immediately following her selection and changed the media narrative from America’s Darling to dangerous extremist, we must now define this victory. Define it as the mandate for Change that it was. Define it as an American uprising. Define it as a new era, not as ‘just politics’ as they would like to. ONLY by establishing the narrative of Change do we win the results of the election. Only then can we achieve the full potential open to us, open to Change.

Things are NOT the same as they were before last night. The world Changed. The pundits will resist that Change because they are “in power,” and change threatens that power. They probably don’t even have the self-reflection to realize that, but it is real and they will react to it.

Their is a one word answer to the pundits right now and in the days to come and that word needs to be pounded into the ground.


Their is a short catchy phrase that must be repeated until we are all sick of it and then repeated some more.

Mandate for Change.

Do NOT, my friends, (!) let the pundits steal this election for the status quo. It belongs to US, to We The People. It belongs to Change.


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    But at least now we can….

  2. How do we not just change the narrative, but silence the pundits? For good.  

  3. that is the status quo that must be changed.

    FoxNews is going to become the “opposition” news source next year, they will get their “scoops” from the G.O.P. side of Congress and they will attempt to subvert every initiative of the new administration with the usual fearmongering and distortions that brought us the occupation of Iraq.

    The MSM knows which way the wind blows… even Tom Brokaw (R-GE) started his backtracking last night, seeing an electoral landslide and a popular vote margin not witnessed since 1964.

    The attempt to paint this enormous change as more of the same is simply their way of saving face, having their knees dirtied by 8 years of ass kissing GWB they suddenly stand up and notice that their dirty knees are giving them away for the biased hacks they really are.

    They’ll bend over backwards to sell more advertising, sell more newspapers, and sell more propaganda…. but they are very much aware that they either  change in accordance with their target market or suffer a further decline in revenue.  

  4. right on point…

    MSM to Obama: Be Wary of Left-Wing Groups Demanding Too Much Change

    …this is a story-line that some in the media will be eager to tell: Obama is under pressure from left-wing interest groups to deliver on a progressive agenda that is out of step with the American people — pressure that is testing Obama’s willingness to “stand up” to MoveOn and other radicals.

    Will there be real tensions within the Dem coalition over the direction of Obama’s presidency? Of course — but some will be very eager to inflate those tensions by exaggerating the differences between the goals of “the left” and the mandate that mainstream America just handed to Obama.

    • Edger on November 5, 2008 at 8:14 pm

    That’s all.

    Just fuck them.

  5. Common sense + spontaneous dialogue continue to be democracy’s most reliable weapons vs. MSM half-truths and implausible fixed assumptions.

    (what is so sweet about the Obama victory is that I can now say such “idealistic” things and not seem like somebody who lives in a fantasy world)

    >Edger: I appreciated your quotes from Pilger.

    >Patriot: “Tom Brokaw (R-GE)”, that’s super !!

  6. The door to the halls of power has been opened a small crack–it’s up to us to keep it open, to keep speaking truth to power, to keep the pressure on.  

    It’s time for action:  It’s time to start finding, nurturing and supporting intelligent, tough, viable Progressives to challenge the status quo dinosaurs in 2010, and 2012.  Time to encourage those that lost close races to start campaigning tomorrow for the next election.  

    It’s time to organize and unite to pressure those in power to listen to the citizens that voted them into power.  

    It won’t be easy, there will continue to be lots of set-backs, but if we don’t do anything, nothing will get done.

  7. Despite his flowery words, it does not appear that he really is into fundamental change in this country (the wars will go on, perhaps even worse, FISA’s still on the books, Habeus Corpus isn’t, etc.).  The Gods know that the Leadership in Congress isn’t.

    We’ll almost certainly be utterly disappointed in BO’s administration.  A few of us will be less bothered because we expect it.

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