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Every state has them. They are funded by your tax dollars, and all of the services and programs are free. If you need a job or retraining, this is the place to start. What can you get??? Follow me below.

Local One-stop Agencies oversee a wide variety of programs designed to help employers find skilled workers and to help job seekers find satisfying careers. The programs are also designed to prepare youth and unskilled adults for entry into the labor force and help individuals who face serious barriers to employment to obtain the assistance necessary to get and keep a job. These services include:

Job/Talent Bank:

Which provides an easily accessible Internet-based labor exchange for employers and job seekers and includes both employer job listings and worker resumes. Job/Talent Bank is available to all anyone, regardless of employment status.

Employer Services:

Which include labor exchange services, recruitment assistance, screening, referrals, job postings and, where appropriate, testing services.

Self-Serve Resource Rooms:

Which give employers and job seekers access to local and state labor market information, job seeking assistance such as resume writing, picking a typeface, template and career information, including required skills and education and training as well as information about employment prospects in an industry.

In many instances, they also provide free access to computers, internet, printers, fax, copiers and staff to help you out while using them.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Programs for low income Adults and Dislocated Workers (DW):

These include assessment, career counseling, job search assistance, supportive services (help with child care/car repair/uniforms for work/mileage to and from work, etc.), and occupational skills training.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Programs for low income and/or at risk Youth:

Includes many of the same services as adult programs, as well as career preparation, school to career transition, pre-employment and work maturity skills and support services, work experience, and remedial education.

Training Programs and Readjustment Services for Dislocated Workers:

If your company manufactures something and was involved in a plant closing or mass lay-off due to foreign trade, this program provides worker orientations to explain this benefit, money to pay for skills training or to complete a degree, and basic career management services. You may also qualify for one whole extra year of unemployment benefits to help you while you are in school. This link is the mother load. You can look up your company to see if it was trade certified, or download a petition that YOU (and two of your co-workers) can file to apply to get certified in case your employer hasn’t or won’t.

Federally Administered Programs:

Including programs focusing on target populations such as Veterans, Native Americans, and Migrant Workers.

Welfare Reform Programs:

Including Jobs Educations and Training (JET), Food Assistance, Employment and Training, Non Custodial Parents, and Non Cash Recipients which provide job search assistance and training and appropriate supportive services to Department of Human Services participants referred by the Department of Human Services.

(I have to admit, this one really pisses me off. In a labor market like this, it is inexcusable to beat up on the maligned “welfare queens” that Reagan demonized and Bubba Clinton passed into law. True to the bull shit that passes for governance, we force welfare reform on babies while giving 780B to banks and another trillion or two to Haliburton for their illegal war.)

These programs are not Harry Potter’s Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, but….

Much of what is available is available to anyone; and for those who meet the quidelines, there is a ton of extra help.

When you find your local one-stop using the link above, remember this…

They are just like everybody and everything else. Some agencies and/or their staff are really good and will aid those that seek their services endlessly all throughout the different processes of an applicant tracking system until a job has been found if needed, and some agencies may not be the best solution for your job-seeking needs. IF you don’t like the person you are working with, ask for someone else. IF you don’t like the agency, go to a different one.

If you need help or have questions, please leave them in comments or you can email me. Good luck on your job search.

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