Meet “Obama’s Mama’s Uncle”

Just caught this, a Proud Great Uncle of a Nephew to become the 44th President of the United States!

Jon Payne, Barack Obama’s great uncle, watched the election coverage with great anticipation.  He was particularly moved when he heard the acceptance speech.

Obama’s great uncle talks

Payne is Obama’s Mama’s uncle he has the t-shirt to prove it and the pictures. Some of his family pictures were taken when Obama was 12-years-old, playing darts with his mother at a family gathering.

The KVOA Video Report

And what does Jon’s nephew have in mind on taking office, well growth As we who grew up doing the time of what made this Country the Envy of the World, when we were Really ‘Number One’. Lets revisit one of the reasons why:

The Quarter-Century Right After World War II

In the generation before Ronald Reagan’s 1980 election, Ike might point out, America’s top tax rate on the rich never dropped below 70 percent. The rich grumbled, but they survived.

Average Americans, in the meantime, didn’t just survive those tax-the-rich years. They prospered. In the quarter-century right after World War II, America’s typical family income more than doubled, and that’s after taking inflation into account.

Over the last quarter-century, by contrast, average Americans have progressed nowhere fast. Wages today, after inflation, are actually running less than wages in the early 1970s.

He’s got alot of work, but it can be accomplished with our help, so get busy!!