Better Start Swimmin’!

Can you feel it in the air? It’s there everywhere. Change is here.

Things are moving fast. Or at least are seeming to, after eight long years of stagnation and oppression.

From the highest levels of the world geo-political stage where the Iraqis are feeling the change….by saying the can now trust America to abide by our word, in our dealings with them, down to a new crop of babies named Obama.

Immigrant groups are planning marches, assuming they will now be listened to…and after a regime where you had to be pasty white, straight, AND a Republican to get a job, we get this…

In what is being viewed as a strong signal to activists nationwide, the transition office of President-elect Barack Obama has issued a non-discrimination policy including sexual orientation and gender identity.

“The Obama-Biden Transition Project does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or any other basis of discrimination prohibited by law,” says the website of the Office of the President-elect…

And not only are Republicans imploding (a quick chorus of Ding Dong the Witch is Dead y’all!) but their Ninja-punditry-reframing-fictional narrative of the election in which Obama was elected because America loves Conservatism, just not any of the schmucks that actually practice it……is apparently failing in the face of hard cold reality. Long the Republicans most potent foe.

In a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Tuesday, 59 percent of those questioned think that Democratic control of both the executive and legislative branches will be good for the country, with 38 percent saying that such one-party control will be bad.

“That much good will from the public opens a window of opportunity for the Democrats,” CNN Polling Director Keating Holland said. “But the public expects results and may not listen to excuses for very long if a Democratic Congress and a Democratic White House can’t get their act together in time.”

The poll also suggests that the public has a positive view of the Democratic Party, with 62 percent having a favorable opinion and 31 percent an unfavorable opinion.

That is not the case for the Republicans, with a majority, 54 percent, having an unfavorable view of the GOP and 38 percent holding a positive view.

Those are just a few examples, if you raise your antenna, if you raise your finger, you can feel the wind blowing.

Sure it is a honeymoon right now, but a honeymoon means a marriage, and if we are lucky it is a marriage between the American people and change, not just Obama. And in this case, I support the sanctity of marriage!

As individuals, we will change too. The world around us cannot change without us changing, at least on the inside. And for many folks, myself andOPOL for example, the winds of change are blowing over and through us mightily. I am (knock wood etc.) about to find a home as he is losing his. Mighty winds of change, indeed.

Heck, even the worst changes, like Prop 8 passing, have merely served as incentive for folks to get out there and make their voices heard and demand even MORE change.

After eight long years of dank oppression, the windows have been thrown open, and it looks like some doors that have been barred and locked for a long time might be opened as well.

WE cannot control change, we are tiny parts of a vast whole that is changing. In one way all we can do is react to the changes that blow through our lives. In another, by stating clearly what we want and not backing down, by working hard and relentlessly, by keeping our goals and dreams firmly fixed in our minds and our wills as we walk forward into the winds of change, we can be part of that change, we can participate, shape, and perhaps even direct that change.

We have all had our spirits dampened, our dreams crushed, we have all been told that what we want, what we think is important, and even who we are…does not matter for eight years. We have been told to shut up and behave, we have been told to back off and listen to our betters, we have been told to not attempt the impossible lest we somehow harm what is perceived as pragmatic, as the best we can get, the best we can do.

Those days are fucking over.

Change is here.

Yell, scream, and dance in the streets. Blow your horns and beat your drums. Raise your hand in the victory sign or raise your hand with the middle finger extended towards those who wanted to quash our dreams, to quash who we are. Those days are fucking…..OVER.

We may not get what we want.
Not right away anyway, with all the mess…the mess that has btw, made this all possible. But at least we know, now, that someone is listening. The rest is up to us…and for the last eight years, that has just not been true.

Now dammit, there is, dare I say it……hope.

This is NOT the time to be bashful!!! This IS the time to throw off our shackles and chains and HOWL for the change we want.


But you will have to Yell Louder, to be heard above the Winds of Change. And that is a VERY good thing!


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  2. Appropriate writings for the Full Moon day that heralds more change and movement towards a better, inclusive future (yes, we’ll even include teh conservatives in the bounty). Looks like Bush, that little Socialist, is going to have to Nationalize GM as he did with the banks. As always the rethugs projected onto the opposition the very steps they had to take in response to reality.

    Reality is always Right, the Right is always wrong.

    Conservatism = Epic Fail.

    Now let’s clean up the elephant shit…

  3. This from the Wall Street Journal….a leftist rag?

    “President-elect Barack Obama is unlikely to radically overhaul controversial Bush administration intelligence policies, advisers say, an approach that is almost certain to create tension within the Democratic Party.”

    The change you are going to get is World Wide Depression.

    The change you are getting is Rahm Emmanuel who fought for the Israeli Defense Forces during the first absurd Gulf War that no one understands. A war that Saddaam Hussein had reasons (however justified or unjustified or moral or immoral)  that had some element of  logical force behind them…but you never know about them because it’s not allowed. Your not allowed to know the relationship between Saddam and Kuwait.

    And of course Rahm’s dad was a terrorist for Irgun in Israel.

    And David Axelrod is fiercly PRO ISRAEL.

    No mention in your diary about IRAQ and 1 million dead Iraqi’s. It’s all about America and silly stuff….in light of the world wide depression and the murder of 1 million people in Iraq.

    I would be frightened. Not Eurphoric

    The chains of oppression haven’t even begun to be loosened…they are getting tighter.

    • Robyn on November 12, 2008 at 8:30 pm

    Join the Impact:  Protest Prop 8

    Locally there are demonstrations at New York and Newark City Halls and a silent march from Upper Montclair to downtown Montclair.

  4. You know my comment again has been hidden…it’s not attacking anyone on the blog personally but two people Robyn and Edger consistently rate my comments 0.

    Mr. Buddydharma….they may say that I attack people here…but if you examine my comments they are not personal attacks on anyone. They are collective attacks that are directed in general toward the American people. I call people naive and foolish…

    I don’t have a problem not posting here…but what you have going on ….in view of you diary is a kind of censorship.

    I am a dissenting voice being kept from being read by people who rate the comments so low they become hidden.

    Now I don’t mind being attacked or called names. I can handle it. Look at my comment that just minutes after posting was hidden.

    For what reason?

  5. The Bush-McCain group backed away from a path to citzenship to satisfy the most dispicable of their base, but what is Obama’s plan.

    Waiting anxiously to learn.

    • ANKOSS on November 12, 2008 at 11:36 pm

    Nothing Obama can do will change the remaining amount of economically extractable fossile fuel on Earth.

    Nothing Obama can do will alter the likely impact of Global Warming.

    Nothing Obama can do will alter the moral weakness of the legislators and lobbyists in Washington D.C.

    Thus, once the glow of optimism has worn off, and the heavy lifting of the Obama administration begins, there will be a lot of angry Americans wondering where their free health care, cheap gasoline, and hovercars are.

    We are going to find out how a nation of selfish and angry children reacts to principled leadership. I don’t think it will be a pretty picture. FDR had the great advantage of an epic war to harness the energies and restrain the vices of the public. Unless Obama can launch the moral equivalent of a world war, his chances of success are small.

    • pfiore8 on November 13, 2008 at 12:05 am

    this “death takes a holiday” mood.

    the Dutch LOVE Obama and everyone i medt says it: YES WE CAN! and usually a high-five. it’s invigorating and i never expected it. and yeah. i like that americans are cool again (except when  you talk market meltdown… they think it’s all america’s fault. i do not, of course agree… but that’ another story).

    i can only hope that the intensity of people’s hope and the energy it generates  is stronger than venality. i think it is.

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