Bette Midler Pony Party

The Divine Ms. M

A real cool yule

Pony Party is an open thread.  Please do not REC the party unless you are (as I am) a huge fan of Bette Midler.

On Johnny Carson’s penultimate show before he retired:

“Miss Otis Regrets”–and that’s probably true.  My great regret is that I was too young to catch Ms. M when and where she began her career: in the gay baths in NYC.

Interviewed on Brit TV with Dutch subtitles–WAY too funny:

Ms. M doing Sophie Tucker:

Joy Behar is not Bette Midler.

(Link to the interview when The View was in Vegas:…

Reincarnating a Peggy Lee classic:

(btw, the fantasy element of this next clip does not have anything to do with them singing and suddenly a phantom orchestra begins playing.  it’s NYC–these things happen.  no, the fantasy element is that they can wear white, in the winter, and it stays white, and their dry-cleaning bills don’t bankrupt them.  seriously, “black is the new black” in clothing in the city for a reason: doesn’t show the dirt.)

And a bit more exuberance:

With two other hot old broads singing a pop standard:

And a classic:

Pretty Legs (& Great Big Knockers)

So, what’s on your mind tonight?


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  1. WTF happened?

  2. Accidentally published last night…

  3. I’ll never forget it y’know!

    My boyfriend Ernie went and signed up for the great war.  He, being the heroic fool he was, went and got himself shot down, and I was told he had expired in an heroic death.

    Well, as you can imagine…

    One night, the door to my bedroom slams open, and there in the doorway was my boyfriend Ernie. He runs over and kisses me and then pulls out some lighter fluid and starts pouring it over my private parts.

    I said “Ernie, what they hell do you think your doing?”

    He replied “Soph, when Fighter Pilot Ernie goes down, he goes down in flames!”

    As if you couldn’t see that one coming from a distance…

  4. at Ceasar’s Palace when her shoe reopened this spring in Vegas.

    “Devine” doesn’t do her justice. She is, without a doubt, THE hardest working woman in show business.

    She was incredible.

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