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Muse in the Morning

State of the Onion XIV

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My Label is not a Slur

My label is not a slur

My label does not mean

repulsive or obscene

should not induce

revulsion or hatred

I am not subhuman

Different, yes,

but not less than you

I am not “really” anything

except a human being

There are more of you

so we live in your world

rather than one

of our own choosing

Do we threaten you?

Do you fear us?

How did we earn

the ridicule?

How did we earn

the hatred?

How did we earn

your silence?

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–January 31, 2006

Late Night Karaoke

Silence Is Not Welcome Here

No Kidding – plastic soul amanda

The Constitution vs Religion for Thanksgiving

While many of our laws have reflected religious beliefs, not all religious beliefs were codified into law.  It is against the law to kill, but, it is not against the law to have another god before “Him”.  It is against the law to steal, but, it is not against the law if you dishonor your mother or father.  Out of the 10 Commandments, only 3 of the Commandments are codified into law; killing, stealing, and adultery.  Today, adultery has been reduced from a criminal act to a civil act leaving only two Commandments as criminal acts.  That hasn’t stopped the religious right, however, from trying to codify other religious beliefs into law.  Prop 8 is merely the latest attempt.

Capitalist Follies: Rancheros Visitadores, Citigroup, and the CIA

A posting the other day, quoting Chris Floyd on the machinations of the U.S. power elite, prompted a regular reader of mine to send a very interesting link to a story a friend of his worked on over the past few years.

As reported by Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist Joel Connolly, Alejandro Tomas, a senior faculty member at Seattle Central Community College, has assembled a startling photo essay on one of the conclaves where the rich and privileged meet. The horse ride known as Rancheros Visitadores takes place every May in the Santa Ynez Valley near Santa Barbara, Calif. The event is one of those elite conclaves that take place annually. The best known is probably the Bohemian Grove gathering near the Russian River in Northern California.

Connolly describes the doings at Rancheros Visitadores, where no women are allowed (except maybe prostitutes):

Manufacturing Monday: Week of 11.24.08

Greetings folks, first day of the workweek, and welcome to another edition of Manufacturing Monday.  I had planned to put this out earlier in the day, but had to deal with a turkey situation (hint: dogs); plus other holiday-related madness.  So anyways, we got some good stuff for you today.  First on our highlighted list is a story on GM’s board.  Then we got two industrial-esc jobs updates, first on coal then in green-collar world.  Finally, I want to finish off today’s edition with something special, a music video!  No…not me singing, but a reader sent it to me and thought you should all see it.  So a shout out to Amber for bringing this to my attention, you rock!  And with that we go to…the Numbers!

Open Thread

Over at Your Right Hand Thief, oyster describes his night at the movies in Sometimes reality is like a weird movie.

I was astonished to find out that there really IS a God!  And he’s on the radio!

As I drove away, the radio was tuned to WRNO 99.5fm Rush Radio. “In tough times, it pays to be right”, is their new tag line. And… guess what was on? No, not a replay of Rush or Hannity. Instead… it was the last two minutes of The Jesus Christ Show, hosted by Jesus Christ. I’m not kidding! Jesus does a radio show. Hallelujah!

A female caller asked the host a question: “Jesus, should I fear hell?” Jesus replied by saying that he didn’t have much time[!], so he would have to keep his answer short. (The short answer was “Yes”, but it was said with infinite love.) There’s a distinctly addictive quality about the Jesus Christ show. It’s very soothing. I could see myself listening to it on a regular basis.

Again, I’m not kidding.

Open thread is hereby open!

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