The war won’t end on Tuesday

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From our friends at the Iraq Moratorium:

Yes, we know there’s an election in four days, and a lot of folks are preoccupied.  By all means, cast a ballot.  But don’t stop there.

No matter who wins or loses on Tuesday, the war in Iraq won’t be over.  It will drag on.  More blood will be shed.

We want the war, the occupation, and the bloodshed to end as quickly as possible.  

That’s why in three weeks, on Nov. 21, we will observe the Iraq Moratorium once again. We hope you will again be part of it, as people all across the country interrupt business as usual and take action to call for an end to the war.

If we’re going to end this war, it is essential that we keep the pressure on the people who are elected on Tuesday.  We learned after the 2006 elections that change does not come quickly, easily, or automatically.

Please plan to join thousands of others who will take some action, big or small, on Nov. 21 to mark the Moratorium.  You’ll find lots of ideas on the website,

And please take a minute to list the activity you’re planning, so others can learn about it and participate, or take heart and inspiration from what you do.  Use this easy form to share your plans.

And if you can spare a dime, buddy, we sure could use it, now that the campaigns are winding down.  We’ve operated for more than a year on almost no money or paid staff.  But even a shoestring operation needs to buy a shoestring now and then.  We’d be most grateful for any help you can offer.  Go here to donate.


  1. Voting’s important, but it’s not enough.  Do something.

    • kj on November 1, 2008 at 17:10

    and wear black on fridays.  not much, but something concrete, energy with intention.

    thank you for your perserverance.

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