The Point of Speaking

It was a dream:  I was at a party

And even though so many friends were there,

And even though the naked lady dancing

Waved at me behind the stage and knew my name

I was extraneous.

I woke in cold and darkness,

Longing for a single human sound

To kill the silence, and you came.

But when you saw that I was nervous,

  You went away.

I admit to calling after you–too late.

A whisper in my head was all I heard.

I imagined it was something that you said

As you made your way back home:

  “I needed you.”

In that space between sleeping and awake,

A dream can be a filter for reality.

But darkness loses power.  Light gets stronger every hour.

So I wandered down the lonely path to see if you were home.

At my trepid knock, I heard you at the door.

  You said, “Hello.

  How are you?

  Come in.

  Meet some friends.

  Make yourself at home.

Then I knew there was no need to be alone.


The stories behind the poetry can be very trivial, and that is the case here.  The dream was real.  

Best half-time every!  My speakers at work are not functioning today, so I hope there’s music.  🙂


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