The Herculean Task of Barack Obama

After the worldwide celebration….


There are a few issues on the table (Stop her! Stop her now, Do NOT let Nancy near that table!)

Climate Crisis (the bigee as effects become more apparent)

Iraq (getting us out quick and clean, while leaving some sort of stability)

Iran (more manufactured than real, but see below)

Israel/Palestine (plus, Israel relations with Iran and Lebanon)

Afghanistan (kaboom!)

Pakistan (kaboom!)

Russia (Putin’s head)

China (debt, climate)

North Korea (Kim Jung Mentally Ill, starvation, nukes)

Darfur (genocide etc….a big etc.)

Africa (instability, Aids, many many etc)

Venezuela (and South America in general…enemies or friends?)

A host of smaller nations (either in trouble or wanting to cause trouble)

The Economy (the whole damn thing)

Banking crisis (will NOT be solved by the bailout)

Jobs (9 straight months of job loss)

Inflation (basic food prices spiraling up at 10%)

Gas Prices/Oil supply (a huge fight coming with oil co’s and speculators))

Oil Companies (dealing with pirates with no moral standards)

Auto industry (another bailout?)

Health Care (getting something, anything, past the Insurance co’s and whining Repubs)

Whining Repubs (can you say blatant sabotage boys and girls?)

Blue Dog and Conservative Dems (iow, clueless losers)

Pursuing justice for Bushco (Please?)

The whole frikking Govt. politicized and populated by Bushco Morans (more sabotage)

Loss of Govt, effectiveness through Bushco purges of lifetime civil servants (replaced with Bushco Morans, how do you, ya know…get things done?)

Aftermath of torture (prosecuting the low hanging fruit)

Domestic spying (Obama now at the controls (including the new domestic use of satellites) what does he do?)

Out of control intelligence agencies (whoo boy!)

Out of control law enforcement (tasers etc, new Cowboy ethic under Busco’s influence and with power from DHS)

REAL terrorism prevention (foreign and domestic, protecting ports, reorganizing DHS)

Fema and disaster preparedness (in the face of mounting Warming effects, tear it down and start over?)

Education (rebuilding the entire structure and focus from K through college)

Senior care (95% of nursing homes have violations)

Child care (in a bad economy, a crucial issue)


Homelessness (actually addressing it after eight years of neglect)

Prisons (out of control privatized “industry”)

The Drug War (peace now!)

Media reform (hoo boy! Fairness doctrine? Breaking up monopolies of ownership? Stuffing a loofah up Bill’s O’Reilly?)

Debt debt debt (no money for ….anything!)

Chafing undies (just guessing, here)

And that is basically off of the top of my head! Some People Say that McCain was selected to lose, so that the Dems and Obama become the fall guys for eight years of Bushco fuckups. Hard to say they are wrong.

IF there is a Dem Super Majority…..and NEW FRIKKIN CONGRESSIONAL LEADERSHIP…It is possible (sorta) that Obama and the Dems could rebuild America after the Bushsaster. Since that is basically the Herculean size reality facing us, I hope he is up to the job. If he succeeds, and does it right (instead of just handing out bandaids and putting out fires) it will be an accomplishment on a scale with FDR’s rebuilding/restructuring America.

Add your issues in the comments!


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  2. I can think of right off the top of my head that’s missing from your list is getting rid of ICE and border fences and developing a sane immigration policy. Of course, part of that would have to include fair trade policies.

  3. You forgot to add infrastructure – rail, bridges, roads.

    We need to invest in both freight rail and passenger rail infrastructure. We need better mass transit in cities and towns.

    Our parks, monuments, and historical places are in bad repair.

    Our schools are crumbling and are inadequate for the 21st century.

    American infrastructure needs a bailout.

  4. It’s been a rough summer for Dallas’ professional basketball club, if nothing else because of Josh Howard’s various meltdowns. But it’s high time we think about just how much damage the McCain/Palin campaign has done to the word “maverick,” and thus, the brand of the team.

    from the sporting news

    in all seriousness, im ready to get to work.  

    oh, and dont worry about russia….we’ll be sending sarah back up to alaska to keep an eye on him  😉  ewww…now every time i make a winky face (and we all know how i LOOOOVE the winky face), i’m going to be haunted by an ACTUAL VICE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE WINKING DURING A DEBATE.  must wash…

    • robodd on October 3, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    is one big stable, full of lots of shit.

  5. This would capture many of the items you list already, such as Iraq, torture, domestic spying, law enforcement, and so forth.

    But there needs to be accountability for the Bush administration and officials who broke the law. Democratic administrations have a track record of sweeping every crime done by their predecessors under the White House rug claiming it will Heal the Nation™

    This, we all know, is a load of Bush.

    I am encouraged that Obama will review all of Bush’s executive orders and signing statements, and that Biden has, in the past, indicated accountability for those in the Bush administrations who sanctioned torture and the breaking the Geneva Conventions, but I remain skeptical.

    History — Carter and Clinton — has shown that accountability isn’t a priority once power is achieved.

  6. …or Bushasster!?

    As my Jewish grandmother would have said, if I’d had one,

         “I could write a book already!”

  7. the [email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]# laws that Bush enacted, the Patriot Act on down to the very last law he put in place NEED/MUST BE REPEALED!  And, the signing statements MUST BE SCRUTINIZED and REPEALED, WHERE NECESSARY!

    Oh, and the Constitution could stand a little revamping with some consquential actions — spelled out, if it’s laws are abused!  

    • Edger on October 3, 2008 at 9:02 pm

    They keep taking reality off the table, and nearly half the country doesn’t even notice.

    But it will have to be dealt with sooner or later. It has a nasty habit of refusing to be ignored, like the ground rushing up when you jump from a plane with no parachute.

    • RiaD on October 3, 2008 at 11:29 pm

    investing in wind/solar/methane/alcohol as energy sources.

    bringing our jobs/manufacturing back to our country so that we, as a nation, actually produce something & not just consume. (crap! i just saw you did have jobs up there…but. it doesn’t hurt to mention it again!)

    • Robyn on October 3, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    Just sayin’.

  8. Somebody, somehow, sometime has got to look at hemp as a sustainable, renewable source of energy, fiber and hemp’s ability to cleanse the soil in which it is planted.

    What the hell is it going to take to turn our thinking around on this miracle crop?

    I don’t see many forward looking thinkers in Foggy Bottom.

    ps. Hi Bhuddy. Love & peace.

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