The Fixer: Taking Back Florida

Wednesday night Barack Obama and Bill Clinton spoke at a rally in Kissimmee, Florida, while a new AP poll shows Obama leading or tied in eight crucial states.

October 30, 2008 – about 7 minutes

Bill sells Barack

In Central Florida, Bill Clinton pulls no punches to seal the deal for Obama

In a late night rally in Kissimmee, Central Florida – a strategic area in the Sunshine State, in the so-called I-4 corridor, filled with still undecided voters – former President Bill Clinton, extremely popular in Florida, forcefully exposed the merits of Barack Obama as the best candidate for the Presidency. Obama returned the compliment, showering praise on the 42nd President and making the huge crowd dream of the golden years of the 1990s. Obama’s stump speech though does not take any chances, less than a week before the election. Obama equates McCain with Bush and does not get into details on how he will implement most of his promises.


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    said GOP Consultant Joe Gaylord of Arlington, Virginia.

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    It’s generally the case that if a presidential candidate can count on winning any electoral votes, it’s those from his home state.

    John McCain might not be so lucky this year. The Arizona Republican is holding on to narrowing leads in several recent polls, causing local Democrats and Barack Obama’s campaign to contemplate a more concerted push for the state.

    “I’m hoping they can free up a little bit of that money strategically to help us get over the top here,” Arizona Democratic Party chair Don Bivens said Wednesday, referring to the Obama campaign.

    “We’ve known for a long time that John McCain was vulnerable here,” Bivens said, noting that the GOP nominee pulled less than half of the state’s votes during the primary earlier this year.

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