Socialism On The March!

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Growing up during the Cold War, I actually thought about the fact that one day all of the jingoistic Cold Warriors (on both sides) that were preventing peace, while ratcheting up hate and fear and spending trillions on ‘defense’ over all those decades….would some day be dead.

That until the folks with that mindset were well and truly gone the black and white reactionary views they represented would rule the world. Until they were no longer around to enforce the rabid anti-anything-remotely-resembling-godless-communism propaganda of the Cold War with a Stalinist Iron Fist, we could not move forward from a time long past and an enemy long defeated. That the deep, deep programming that extended to a nearly cellular level and the complete demonization arising from a struggle that truly was existential would rule our world. We would be stuck. Stuck in a mindset that rejected anything…and I mean anything that remotely resembled, had anything to do with, or could even be painted to look like the taint of socialism. And that we would be doomed to a world where a significant (though old, like me!) portion of the populace was poisoned by some of the most effective propaganda ever devised to live in fear of the Red Menace….even though the Red Menace was dead and buried almost two decades ago.

Now, with Cheney and Rumsfeld soon heading for whatever imaginative and exquisite hell they have fully earned and wholly deserve, and John McCain (forgive me!) about to get shot down again…

Here we are. On the cusp of embracing socialism….to save capitalism. And it is the very Republican party that has demonized socialism for well over half a century that is about to embrace it. Apparently, I was wrong! (If only by a few months!) Dick Cheney must be turning over in his grave! We are about to < gasp! > of all things, nationalize the Banking Industry!!!

We are living in an age of nearly absurd irony, my friends!

Not only are we about to commit the sin of Cuba, nationalization…we are this close to having a socialist health care system!

Apparently the Ronnie Raygun idea that government is the problem… no longer holds currency, so to speak. As Jerome a Pinko Paris puts it:

…. The very people that explained to us that governments were incompetent and had to be shrunk had no recourse but to go for government money, guarantees and action when they drowned in their own mess. The conclusion here HAS to be that (i) governments play a valuable role and thus cannot be continually starved and (ii) those that pushed the anti-government propaganda have to be seen as cranks, liars, fools or crooks, and treated with the contempt they so richly deserve – which includes no longer listening to their self-serving economic “advice”…

…That on what could be done with an investment of a trillion or so euros of public money in things like energy efficiency, public transportation, housing, poverty reduction. All of these things create massive positive externalities that benefit society as a whole, and would be especially helpful as we face the banker-caused economic downturn, collapsing real estate sector and high energy prices. If we can justify blowing a trillion on incompetent bankers that threaten to take us down with them as “investment”, then we surely can actually invest in the economy in ways that will benefit all and not just a greedy few.

The Cold War is over.

We are no longer living in an ideological struggle between two polar opposite economic theories, Capitalism and Communism. A struggle which came close to literally ending the world, in incidents like the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Communism, and especially socialism (proven to work in concert with capitalism in Europe and elsewhere) is no longer “The Enemy.” It is now national economic policy.

No matter how they spin it.

(Though apparently no one told these folks!)

So….can we drop the outdated hate, now?

In this huge and overwhelmingly complex world, government is….has to be….part of the solution. Government is supposed to take our tax dollars and use them for the Greater Good. It is the only entity, the only means for investing in and funding the large scale projects (like fighting the NEW ‘enemy,’ Climate Crisis, and ya know…hunger and stuff) that our modern world desperately needs. There are critically important things that the ‘private sector’ just cannot or will not do. Things that we need the government to do.

Of course, there is a problem! Giving that much power to government WILL lead to even more corruption. Only an engaged, educated, and involved citizenry can guarantee the level of oversight needed. The kind of oversight that the Republicans have been fighting against as they wage their war on government, all the while looting it for all they can take. More irony.

We are being thrust into a new world, we are being propelled into a new way of thinking about…everything. And after growing up in a world that could end at any second because of a difference in what comes down to ….philosophy….I for one welcome our new, hopefully more rational paradigm.

Whatever the hell it turns out to be!


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  2. And only these right-wing neocons can get away with putting the final nail in the coffin of the US-style freebooter capitalism that has tainted the West’s economic well for the past 60 years. Admittedly, they’re doing it reluctantly at best — but the point is, it’s getting done, and about damned time too. Mind you, I say that as a 50-something guy who just saw almost 40% of his 401K nest egg disappear in the last few months. But still, I recognize the historical necessity of what’s happening as we speak.  

  3. instead of drowning government down the bathtub drain, we hear embrace government our new friend, ..egads, what might happen to the shock doctrine!

  4. …which was never really about “socialism” in the first place (Ta-Nehesi Coates has done a decent job of pointing out it was always a slur against the equal rights movement).

    BTW, you scare the crap out of me when you put things like the “Greater Good” in capital letters.  Seriously.

    • Edger on October 14, 2008 at 9:30 pm

    has always been their specialty, though.

    They are a faith based organization, after all. Dissonance “r” Us!

  5. It’s clear that they’re willing to let government be part of the solution when it is something that genuinely scares the piss out of them, like a failure of the commercial paper market or a 2000 point drop in the dow.  

    What is missing…and I am not sure how to make the connection, or if it can be made…is the idea of a floor on American society.  Right now people see themselves as frightened individual units trying to get theirs before the shit hits the fan, I think.  Whether the shit is personal or social, the idea is every critter for itself.  This pervades our social system, goes right to the core, from our earliest steps into the world; and the conservatives have done an exceptional job of purging the idea of social good from our discourse.  

    Beyond the general idea that the bailout is “socialist” by nature…and therefore socialism isn’t such a bad idea after all (and as a democratic socialist, I can’t but agree)…how does this help us perpetuate the idea that a society is measured by how it takes care of the weakest?  As it stands I fear many if not most Americans have far far more sympathy for the firms which manage their retirement accounts than for the quadrapalegic next door.

  6. it is upside down and ass backwards. Makes me, an avowed socialist cross eyed just contemplating this whole mess. Whats so awful about socialism for the people part of the equation? why do we hang on to antiquated concepts of menaces long gone or ones that don’t and never existed? Why is sharing resources and wealth so dreaded?

    FDR was right the real problem is the distribution of wealth. The basic tenets of capitalism and competing economic systems need to work for all of us. Shorter version communism failed because their was no money in it, looks like cutthroat capitalism is failing as there is no money in it. Why not find a new solution with the distribution that makes everyone solvent. The flip side of globalism seem to require it.    

    I guess free market is for the working slaves who have no money anymore and socialism is now the word for state corporatism, isn’t that the classic Mussolini definition of fascism. Strange days when fascism is more acceptable to people then socialism. Every time McCain says Obama’s got the most liberal record of all the senators I say whoopee!        

  7. is not socialism.

  8. Bureaucratic State Capitalism:

    Don’t give Socialsim a bad name out of this!

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