Pony Party: Dog Statues

I heard the local Humane Society had a display of unique dog statues at the mall for a fund raiser. So off I went. But  “the man” hassled me. This being the south it was done politely but the mall security insisted that I only take pictures in certain areas because that was the “pubic” part of the mall ( near a fountain ) and even though I assured him I would not include any store signs in the picture. I tried negotiating and he sighed and at some point walked away and I of course stretched the limit of our agreement which I know he expected I would do. Later I stopped at the customer service desk to ask about the rationale behind being able to only take certain pictures and she repeated the caveat about not including store front and their signs. She agreed to call a Manager who was in a meeting and I had enough of the mall and left.

I still am not sure how a middle aged woman taking pictures threatens mall security, the future of capitalism, the crucial “mall integrity” or might interfere with other customers right to shop. Don’t know. I might just go back one day and take some more and use the “play stupid” tactic.












Well thanks for looking. Hope y’all are having a nice weekend and feel free to show us any pictures you might have taken.

Remember…. Don’t rec pony party, hang out, chit chat, and then go read some of the excellent offerings on our recent and rec’d list.


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    • RiaD on October 18, 2008 at 21:55

    did they pass out dog statue ‘blanks’ to different artists to decorate (several look like the same mold)

    i really like the last one…the blue dog w/the mouse on his head & cheese at his toes!

  1. asshole this week smacked into my car, must have been when I was out and about in some random parking lot and ruined my back bumper so I have to get it replaced. I understand accidents do happen but have some integrity and  own up.

    Isn’t this supposed to be the ownership society? Aren’t we supposed to be in a culture of taking responsibility for our own actions? Nah. I confused us with another country. Anyway ……

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