Oui, oui — Iraq Moratorium in Paree

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Friday is Iraq Moratorium day, a day set aside each month to interrupt your usual routine and do something to stop the war and occupation.

One of the great things about the Moratorium is that you can observe it wherever you are, whether there is a group action planned or not.  For example, here’s a report from Paul Krehbiel, a Pasadena, CA activist:

My wife and I were in France in September and took a break from our routine on Moratorium Day to support the Iraq Moratorium and call for an end to the war and occupation of Iraq while we were at the world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral. My wife lit candles for all those who have suffered and all those who have lost their lives in this horrible war, and I held a sign — made from the inside of a gift bag, which said, “Iraq Moratorium” with the peace sign. Hundreds of people watched silently. Some were praying.  


Whether you do it in Paris or in Podunk, do something on Friday.

You’ll find a list of events and ideas for individual action on the Iraq Moratorium website.


  1. Yes, there are a lot of other distractions.  But take a moment to do something, even something small and personal, to ask for an end to the war.

    • dennis on October 16, 2008 at 18:50

    take up a collection to set myself up to emulate Paul in, say, Tahiti. As it stands, I will do something this Friday to honor my commitment:  

    I hereby make a commitment that, on the Third Friday of every month, I will break my daily routine and take some action, by myself or with others, to end the War in Iraq.

    It’s not hard and it feels good to know that people all over the country are taking a step along side of me.

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