Sarah Palin: GOP Welcomes All Muslims

Amid a growing distrust among her conservative Christian supporters of anything Islamic, Sarah Palin goes on record stating emphatically that Republicans and the McCain-Palin ticket welcome all Muslims, adding “it is not acceptable in my book” to discriminate on the basis of religion. Her message of tolerance comes amid a growing tide of Islamophobia at McCain-Palin presidential rallies in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. How Christian fundamentalists interpret her remarks in the last days of the campaign is anyone’s guess.

The wingnuttery going well nuts, and the hypocrisy going well Into Overdrive!!


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    • Edger on October 24, 2008 at 20:24

    their poll numbers are as high as they are. There’s no way almost half the country is represented by the kind of “we’re not stoopid” people at the beginning of this video. They are maybe 20%. What’s keeping people supporting McCain/Palin? Where are the rest coming from?

  1. Clearly this is just this one guy’s opinion, but I imagine it is echoed widely among those who remain a part of the Rep. “base” — at least the base that it seems Palin may be trying to shore up for her own ambition to run in 2012.

    The quote: “… but “Conservative” simply means “Bible believer,” and if you have to compromise your principles to get a vote, it’s not worth it.”

    • Temmoku on October 25, 2008 at 03:02

    And by extension….”freedom of religion” means freedom to be a Fundamentalist Christian and nothing else is allowed!

    As  recall, it didn’t work too well for the Catholic Church, or the Puritans….or any of the other religions all throughout history….seems they all had splinter groups that broke away and formed new religions.

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