More Voter Fraud Discovered in DuPage County!

OMG! Who would have thought! Registering voters is fraud! Especially with an intent to deceive!

In late June, Downers Grove, IL had their Heritage Fest Days! Lots of food, games, rides, and booths! Including informational booths, designed to help out the good citizens of Downers Grove! Besides businesses with $5.00 off coupons, and $5.00 lemonade made with real lemons, there were political booths! The Democrats were there, the Libertarians, and, across from the Libertarians, were the ever helpful Republicans decked out with all their flags and signs!

Yes, here is their booth!

The problem is that they are registering voters under a Republican Banner!!!!

Worse than Acorn!!!!???? These guys are obviously biased and registering ONLY Republicans!

Notice the registration list right next to the political pamphlets!

I think this is clear “Fraud”! The Downers Grove Republicans should be charged and all their voter registrations should be suspect!!! Investigate! Sue! Arrest them all for trying to steal the Election for their candidate!!!!

Unfortunately, there is a statute that forbids “electioneering” and voter registration under the same banner! Although this was called to the attention of the County Board of Elections and the Heritage Fest officials, nothing was done…so since Acorn is being condemned, let’s spread the love around!

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    • Temmoku on October 18, 2008 at 22:58

    It seems to be a LOT harder than I thought!

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