Monday: Vote Obama

Here you go.  Something to move you this Monday.  Something to revivify you.  Something to get you to shake it.  Something to lift you up. We’re counting down.  One week.  From Kenya:

Play it over and over.  Go ahead.    


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  1. If Obama’s stay in the white house is a tenth as creative as all of the music his campaign has generated, things are going to be way different around here.

  2. And if the world could vote, check out the results so far.

  3. Without Pelosi, please.  Sing it loud!

    • OPOL on October 27, 2008 at 17:30

    will be what WE make of it.

  4. I’m starting to like anything Kenyan. I just bought a fair trade Kenyan art piece, a sea horse made from recycled soda pop cans. It’s beautiful, and colorful. My favorite Obama song …

  5. …and dancers to the inaugural…

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