Memo to Progressives for Obama

Original article, by Joshua Frank and subtitled What Happens After Election Day?, via

Unless John McCain has a bombshell of a scandal to drop on Barack Obama at the 11th hour, this election is beginning to look like it’s in the bag for the Democrats. The Republicans will finally be kicked out of the White House and peace and calm will slowly return to Washington.

Ah, peace and tranquility. Just what the doctor ordered after 8 years of W.

OK…so maybe not peace:

No question the Obama strategists have accomplished what they set out to do. Just look at all they’ve achieved thus far: antiwar activists have exchanged their slogans for pro-Obama refrains despite the fact that their candidate inflates the alleged threat of Iran, wants to put more troops in Afghanistan and won’t pull out of Iraq anytime soon.

Umm…ok…Ah, a President dedicated to Green values. Just what we need in light of the climate crisis!


Environmentalists have come out for Obama in large numbers, even though he thinks coal can be clean and nuclear energy can be safe. No big deal that he wants to drill baby drill off our coastal shores. At least the guy believes in global warming.

Jees…get with the plan…Ah, no more worrying about the government listening in on your phone conversations…well…even I know that’s a canard:

Or take the civil rights champions who have few qualms about his rabid support for FISA and the PATRIOT Act or social justice activists who aren’t overly concerned that Obama condones the execution of convicts who have never murdered. Economic progressives, who would be the first to say the economic I.V. pumped into the Wall Street bloodline was hastily passed and rips off tax-payers, are the first to defend Obama’s economic platform. No matter he supported the bailout without reservation. No matter his team of economic hit men includes a whole slew of Clintonite neoliberals like Robert Rubin. Obama is still their guy.

Now, as most of you are likely to be celebrating Tuesday night and into Wednesday, all I ask is you slip the bookmark for the article into your favorites so that you can, once you come down from your election day hangover, take a look into what you’ve bought into (my pardons for those who aren’t voting for Obama).


  1. especially after tonight’s Maddow interview I suspect Obama will not be as progressive as many people hope.

    However given the alternative he has my endorsement and support.

    I expect progressive activists to be as forceful as they can to ensure the policy direction of the upcoming Administration helps heal the damage of 30 years of Republican criminality.

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