McCain’s Utter Disdain for Meaningful Energy Plans

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Architecture2030 is a tremendous group, with concepts that should be seized and acted upon as part and parcel of moving forward toward an Energy Smart future. Recently, they’ve made a bit of a name for themselves with excellent graphics that call out just how sensible John McCain’s energy policy proposals are for changing the nation toward a better path forward.  

Today, they just released the graphic to the right.  

Yes, according to their work, 20 years from now, John McCain’s 45 nuclear power plants would provide just over two percent of business-as-usual electricity generation. Whether businesses switched over to a new Business Gas and energy plan, it wouldn’t change much, because the energy wouldn’t be available if this was to actually happen.  

I suggest checking out their latest news, including an energy quiz.  Notice that offshore drilling provides even less in the liquid fuel domain than what nuclear power would for electricity.

[John McCain’s] proposed “Bold Energy Plan” would supply a meager three percent of the 118 QBtu of energy that the Energy Information Administration projects America will consume in 2030. The 2030 Blueprint, a three-pronged solution centered on building energy efficiency, homeowner choices and renewable energy, would supply as much as 37% of America’s total energy consumption, replace 100% of its fossil-fuel-generated electricity and reduce its imported oil by as much as 89%.

Hmmm … maybe we should look to Architecture 2030 and not Sarah “Energy Expert” Palin for meaningful advice about solviing America’s energy challenges.

NOTE:  Architecture2030 used a rough average of today’s nuclear power plants to produce the numbers of productivity of 45 plants in 2030. This might, in fact, understate the likely power input of 45 nuclear power plants by about half.  Half sounds like a large amount, which it is in many ways, but doubling the output from 45 plants  still does not make nuclear power a solution for global warming.

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  1. Those graphics expose the ridiculousness of McCain’s so called plans. He’s talking about tiny changes to the total energy picture.

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