Kill it. Kill it good.

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The end of inequality and institutionalized hatred, at least where California is concerned, can be achieved in the righteous and hopefully overwhelming defeat of PROPOSITION 8, formally titled the “I So Much Hate Teh Gays Act*“, but more widely referred to in my household as the…

Though My Name Is Steve I Seem To Get An All Hot And Bothered In My ‘Nether Regions Whenever OTHER Steves Are Nearby And Since I Am Deeply Ashamed Of My Own Truth, I Need To Punish These Other Steves By Making It Look Like I So Much Hate Teh Gays Act“*.

Look, there is absolutely no compelling or suspenseful reason for most of us in California to vote.

Barack Obama will win in this state because every progressive, centrist, and near-Democrat is gnawing off our digits waiting to vote for President, we have no Senate races and with the exception of CA-4 (BROWN (D) VS. McClintock (ASSHOLE)) there isn’t a race that won’t be called 38 seconds after the polls close.

That is, with the exception of PROP 8, the Its Not OK Any More To Outwardly Be Prejudiced Against Black People, So Picking On Teh Gays is The Best We Can Do Act.*

Seriously, its 50/50 on this thing and well, I’ll let the Congressman Frog Larvae spew overheated hyperbole at you (and you really only need to watch the first 10 seconds)…

Yes, folks, apparently preventing my good friends Matt and Greg from being able to see each other in the hospital when they get in a fight and one of them runs over the others’ foot in a fit of rage like happens in every heterosexual marriage is “central not only to California, BUT TO OUR VERY CIVILIZATION.”

Seriously… though I’m convinced that marriage for all (read, “the right to throw an over-priced party where a couple of your friends who are TOTALLY WRONG FOR EACH OTHER hook up in a porta-potty”) is coming to California eventually, the question is… how many more decent, intelligent, moral, wonderful people have to have their commitment demeaned and questioned by… well… troglodytes?

Here’s where you learn all about it.

Here’s where you give.

Here’s where you help kill it dead for good.

Prop 8

*Alright its actually called “Eliminated the Right For Same Sex Couples To Marry Act”, but I’m so floored by the lack of creativity that I had name it more honestly and with a little flourish.


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  1. …do it for me.

    Because, see, Matt and Greg have now been married in Hawaii and in Massachusetts  and in California and if Prop 8 passes and they have to get married in another state… that’s more plane fair and another gift.

    Seriously, if Prop 8 passes, teh gays, along with threatening my own marriage, will cause me to have to declare bankruptcy.

    • Edger on October 7, 2008 at 5:07 pm

    If “marriage” isn’t “protected” then you could be forced to marry someone who doesn’t turn you on, or something.

    I’m probably not expalining this very well, so ask Newt, he’ll straighten you out.

  2. “Tyranny of the Assholes” is a greater concern.

    I, too, have friends in gay marriages.  Some of them don’t believe that the sanction of gay marriages is such a great thing.  I think committed couples should have the option to enjoy the benefits of legal marriage.  But whichever side we take in that debate, we are agreed that marriage is a civil matter, and that’s all there is to it.  Any spiritual aspect of marriage is personal to the couple and not written into the contract.  I don’t know what Newt thinks he’s protecting.

  3. I just read this entire thread of comments; I didn’t see the essay here (saw it at GOS).  It is really a remarkable discussion.  I don’t know of anywhere else I could find something like this.  Great stuff.  Made my day, and it’s only 7 am ET.

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