Just Blow Up Already!

A little over a month to go. Polls showing an increasing Obama lead. Voters refusing to blame Dems for the Republican economy, in spite of the usually game changing and reliable whining by the Repubs. The whining of the Repubs not working! Despite McCains continued attacks on the Press, culminating in sequestering Palin as if Wingnuttery were a contagious disease, the press seems to shockingly no longer be McCain’s Base. In fact they even say bad things about him….occasionally. But most of all….

He is just plain losing.

How long will it be before he truly loses it?


He is wound up tighter than a cheap watch….and to tell you the truth so am I! With a month to go and things looking suspiciously, even tauntingly good for ending The Republican Reign Of Terror, I am jumpy, restless and impatient! I want to get on with it.

I want the election to be over so we can stop being politically responsible and start gloating, and getting drunk, and letting the unimaginable thrill of actually beating these asshats, after eight years of unmitigated bullshit, really sink in. Letting the reality that we are no longer under the thumb of George ‘the torturer’ Bush wash over us like a cool breeze on a hot day.

Sure, it is just a step on the road to where we really want to be, but it is a HUGE frikking step! I know for a fact that it has not sunk in for me, I assume then that it has not really sunk in for anybody else. It feels like waking up from a nightmare….but not being REALLY sure you are awake and waiting for the nightmare to come back. I want desperately to have this nightmare over with, and I don’t trust that it really is, yet. But the tantalizing thought that it could, really truly no kidding be over is just to tempting not to indulge, superstition be damned.

It sure is looking like it is all but over, especially with the polls indicating that the voters are no longer buying their crap, and with the media actually doing some small semblance of their job.

My god, think about it! Life AFTER Bush! Life without Republican lies winning the day time after time on issue after issue. Life post-Iraq. Life with a shot at having good things happen, good news coming out of DC, instead of hair tearing tragedy after hair tearing tragedy. Even with the simply immense challenges Obama and the Dem Super Majority (knock wood) and the rest of us are facing, at least now there will be a chance that something good will happen. Or at least that something other than the absolute worst case scenario can happen.

Like say….Obama signing on to the International Criminal Court. Or the Justice Department no longer being able to cover up the crimes of Bushco. Like people actually being willing to blow the whistle on these war criminals, now that they won’t be destroyed for doing it.

So really, John, just get it over with! Go ahead and blow up and give these so and so’s in the media what they deserve! Let it out! Stop holding in all that rage that you feel about the fact that YOU are supposed to be President and some upstart (insert racist epithet here) young punk has STOLEN your Presidency! You KNOW you want to! And you KNOW in your gut that you have lost.

End the suspense, John! End all of this tension and your pent up and most likely highly medically dampened rage…..and just go ahead and tell that big meanie Katie Couric what you REALLY think of her and her smart ass questions!

Do it, John! Do it!

And then we can get on with fixing the horrific, ungodly mess you and your Republican friends have unleashed on the rest of the world. Maybe even in time to keep everything you ASSHOLES have touched from truly going to shit.


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    • Edger on October 2, 2008 at 20:34


  2. This is something, you ought to know.

    • robodd on October 2, 2008 at 21:01

  3. So by subterfuge and the obligatory Al Kayder attack on Oct 31 McCain squeaks by with victories in OH and FL attributed to voter turnout, excepting for the fact that Democratic heavy precincts were cordoned off and unable to vote due to “industrial waste accidents”. McCain blows a gasket on Inauguration Day at about 11pm as he is being congratulated by an arms industry broker. Palin is sworn in a little tipsy and her sparkly gown town by the trampling is received in the 17th round of Achey Breaky Heart line dancing.

    vote for the cheerleader, save the GOP.

  4. … and we can put neocon’ism behind us, I’d imagine it would be like this:

  5. …Anyone near McBoom when he blows will get blood, entrails, and whatever gray matter there may be — all over…

  6. and the campaign is pulling out of Michigan to concentrate on other states.  I doubt the other states will be too thrilled about this.

  7. that back in the day when we still taught the times tables and they had to take their daily one-minute madness tests….but they were not angry, and they did generate smoke!!!!!

  8. to measure the impact of the gloom until the sun actually breaks through. But perhaps we’re finally beginning to catch a glimmer of the light.

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