Iraq Moratorium today; Do something

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Today is Iraq Moratorium day, a day to interrupt our usual routine and do something, big or small, individually or with a group, to call for an end to the war and occupation of Iraq.

Events are planned across the country. You can find them, and suggestions for individual action, on the Moratorium website,

The Raise Hell for Molly Ivins campaign, which has participated in the Moratorium since it began in September 2007, started out asking people to bang on pots and pans, as the late, great progressive voice, Molly Ivins, had suggested in one of her last columns.

The Ivins campaign is asking people this month to call or visit their local Congressional offices today to demand an end to the war, and has enlisted Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic, author of “Born on the Fourth of July,” for this video:

A lot of people are preoccupied with the election, and that’s important.  But we elected a new Congress two years ago with a mandate to end the war, and nothing happened.  Just changing leaders is not enough.  We need to keep the pressure on, no matter who wins on November 4.

The Moratorium is a simple idea.  It asks people to interrupt their daily routines once a month, on the Third Friday of every month, and do something to call for an end to the war and occupation of Iraq.

It can be something simple, like wearing a button or armband to work or school.  Or it can be dramatic, like taking part in some kind of major rally, march, occupation, die-in or other action.  Some choose to challenge authority and get arrested.  Others send an email to their Congress member.  There is room for all of that and everything in between.  There are no rules, and only one requirement to be part of Iraq Moratorium day:  Do something!

You’ll find lots of ideas for individual action and a listing of events at the Moratorium website.  You’ll also find reports, photos and videos from previous actions.

Operating on a shoestring and relying on volunteers, the Moratorium has sparked almost 1,500 events in 42 states and 256 communities during the last 14 months. (Those were listed; many others just happen and are never added to the list or the count.)

Imagine what it could accomplish with a little money and even a tiny bit of media attention?

Help make it happen.   Donate something if you can, knowing that every badly-needed dollar will be put to immediate and effective use in the cause of peace.

But, more importantly, do something.

You may not end the war.  But acting can be its own reward.  Give it a try.


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  1. Obama and McCain are Arab Killers…they voted to fund these useless, stupid wars that kill people who have nothing to do with “terrorism”…

    The terrorists are AMERICANS. Not Afgans, not Osama Bin Laden…sorry…you can’t call him a terrorist….everything he said has come true…America is simply killing Arabs and Muslims or anything that resembles Arab or Muslim.


    Stop the focus on the ELECTION….

    Your right…eveybody has forgotten about 1 million dead Iraqi’s….killed for no reason by ALL AMERICANS

  2. …looking and sounding so well.

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