I Made a Mistake and I Need to Apologize Now!

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I wasn’t going to write this because I didn’t want to jeopardize anyone else any more than I already have.

You are all at risk! And it is all my fault! So Please forgive me.

I wasn’t entirely truthful and now you are in danger!

You are all doomed…..and it is because I am here that you are doomed.

It is my unwitting legacy to you.

You see, I told you that I stood next to Bill Ayers once at college. But I didn’t speak to him, which is normal for me since I had not been introduced, but that wasn’t the part that I wasn’t truthful about!

I was “Trained” by Ayers! Yes, I admit it!

Well, not “trained exactly by him….but by a surrogate. A good friend and colleague of his, Klonsky.

Confession is good for the soul…..I was trained in the “Small Schools” learning methods. My own district sent me to Circle Campus for Training!!!! ( I thought it was a good deal at the time since I didn’t have to pay for it!) I attended the workshops and thought the idea was a good one.  I brought what I had learned back to my District and Radicalized my school! I helped write a million dollar grant so we could set up Small Schools within our School for our students. And I have radicalized my fellow teachers and all those thousands of students! I don’t even begin to know how to apologize to all of them! At least I can apologize to you.

I was the “Typhoid Mary” of the Small School Movement!

The trouble is….the idea seemed to work!!!! And they are still using the ideas across the county…but not to the extent envisioned and needed. However, NCLB came along and I blame it for any deviant forms that have changed the focus and intent of the program.

My problem is that I bought into the idea of Small Schools and smaller learning groups so completely that I didn’t feel the class was radical enough!  I joined their early “blog” group and got kicked out because I used  “naughty” language. (I said “Fuck” too many times) Namby-pamby teachers don’t like that kind of language so they asked me not to participate in their blog.

Well, Now you know.

You are two degrees of separation from being trained by a “known” terrorist. And it is my fault….

And I am unrepentant so deal with it!


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    • Temmoku on October 14, 2008 at 04:03

    Don’t blame me….I’m getting over the guilt pretty fast.

  1. …and am watching for black helicopters.

  2. “They’re coming to take me away

    haha hoho heehee

    to the funny farm/

    Where life is beautiful ALL

    the time….”

  3. I went to the same school at the same time as Angela Davis and once heard her give a seminar.

    I’m practically a Black Panther.

    Except that I’m not black.

    I hope the NSA doesn’t find out about me.

  4. be two degrees away from Ayers and one from you. Keep in mind that I believe in the old saying ‘One man’s terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. Far better to have associations with ayer regardless of the degrees then to pall around with Libby, Singlaub, and of course McCain the man who is a hero for dropping bombs on women and children in Viet Nam. A nation which did what? As Mohamed Ali said I got nothing against the Viet Cong, or the Sandinista’s or the Iraqis., or any other poor people we train our trigger on. I was not a fan of the Weathermen, but the dude seems to have found a healthy way to express his social consciousness, and has more then, say Libby or Oliver North, contributed to our society’s betterment.      

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