Haters, Waders and Masturbators

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The harbingers of hope are Pollyannas. The oracles of doom are Haters. Those who define two Americas are jacking off with their Locksteppers.

Get your hip-waders on folks, America is talking Politics in an Election Year, with only 13 days to go!


Optimism? Pessimism? BAHHHHHHHH humbug.


Writers write and readers read and never the twain shall meet. Pithy, huh?

I recently, at Booman, took a bit of criticism for my fictional Riot account of a stolen election. You see, I was possibly promoting violence. At least that’s how the other side might see it, was the claim. I’m sure the objector had good intentions, but please.

I was told that a Liberal shouldn’t be as inflammatory as the Right has been. Baaaaa -d Liberal, me.

No potentially dirty realism? Words matter!

So they do.  But content matters more. Realism.

Last night KO had to rename his “Special Comment” because people complained that too often it wasn’t “special” enough to warrant the tag. Sheesh, bummer of a name for what really constitutes his right to an Op/Ed statement closing his show.

People sure like to direct other people over what amounts to minutia. For fuck’s sakes.

Never mind that Murdoch, Hearst, GE and other powerhouse conglomerates have been slanting the reporting in both print and electronic media toward their agenda for years.

Never mind that retractions rarely happen when they print or have a reporter say completely untrue things in the name of propaganda.

If a Liberal says it, it has to be litmus tested by our own, and we are by far the toughest readership there is.

As Tucker Carlson said:

Wondering if you’re really a Democrat? Here’s a quick way to find out: Given everything the Democratic party has going for it this year-the overwhelming financial advantage, the legions of new voters, George W. Bush-do you believe the Obama campaign could still somehow, in the final moments, find a way to blow it and lose this election?

If you answered yes, you’re a Democrat.

Seriously, there is reason for those fears, but self-defeating ourselves should not be part of the equation.

I’m but a simple blogger, but I have been admonished NOT to dare criticize Dem’s, not to be negative, not to count my chickens, not to be angry, not to propagandize….

Wow, have they trained us good. I mean, any writer who is a real writer knows the muse moves you and you write for yourself, and people will get it or not get it… but if you write for the audience, especially a liberal audience, by God, there is something to offend everyone and you may as well not waste a pixel.

We know what we are really wading in.


We have been wading in sewage for years, people, run off of the elite rich few and been taught it is Holy Water with which we should anoint ourselves.

I mean, is anyone really Shocked! Disgusted! Surprised! that the constant barrage of divisiveness fostered in this country has given rise to Racist! Violence! Hate! against even a moderate candidate?

We have been spoon-fed it like manna from our Gods above us. Sure some are resistant, but the cause of our every ill is always someone just like us, only different. Never the people making a profit off your dreams, and crashing your dreams to make a bigger profit elsewhere.

Working grunts like you are the problem if they are insert black/atheist/muslim/hispanic/gay etcetera etcetera etceterrrrra.

Its never the guy behind the curtain, dig?

Is anyone Liberal NOT afraid that the powers that have controlled us since the coup against Kennedy will not go gently into the night?


Is anyone surprised that the spokesman for the PTB speaks of “Two Americas” to frighten us into wading into safe, KNOWN waters, instead of daring to tread in uncharted pools?

Ah yes, safe and KNOWN. Real Americans LOVE the status quo. Real Americans LOVE America just as it is. Hows the water? Thick and deep.


I am neither shocked nor surprised by events thus far, nor am I going to not prepare myself mentally for the changes to come.

Even RFK Jr. is talking about how to “Steal It Back” because the threat of election theft is still imminent.

Let the msm spout what they will about wealth redistribution. Its already been redistributed to 1% of the population.

You got your trickle down right here off the side of their yachts.


Again, hows the water?

There is more here than echo-chamber or contrarianism.

This is what breaking the status quo looks like. Citizen journalists speaking TRUTH into POWER.

This is what the Haters want you to drink, wade in, as they jerk off while we buy it.


This is what can happen in perhaps one generation of real freedom. Grow your horns, friends. Test the fresh, clean uncharted water. Trust yourselves. You can do it.



This mediocre writer will write as it strikes her, and countering the msm with Truth?

Its a good thing.


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    • Diane G on October 22, 2008 at 15:27

    Its whats for breakfast.

    Off 2 work, be back in around 4 hours to reply!

    • Diane G on October 22, 2008 at 22:39

    try not to over excite yourselves, LOL!!!!!!!!

  1. I love Michael Moore for venting for me.  We’re all friends here, right?  No McCain people insisting on a kindness that they couldn’t begin to extend.

    Out there, on the mean streets, I might try to quell some of the enthusiasm you have for your subject, but not here.  Here, why not write what the muse screams?

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