GOTV as Fraud Prevention

Just a quick note in light of stuff like this. As we ramp up for victory, it will be easy to become complacent and perhaps think that your vote doesn’t matter. That Obama will cruise to victory without you.

But please remember that the only SURE way to prevent the Republican Rat-Fucking Machine that brought us Florida in 2000…and thus George Bush….is an unfuckable with, unstealable, unequivocal, unprotestable margin of victory. The Repubs will whine and scream and throw huge tantrums to try to convince the media and the nation that ACORN and other ‘radical terrorists’ have committed voter fraud by registering a few thousand ineligible voters, and thus stolen the election. All while they do all they can to steal it….again.

And again, the only sure way to ensure and inoculate this election is to have a VERY clear majority…everywhere. So do NOT get complacent, Get Out The Vote!


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