Election Research

Yeehaw and an hearty thank you.

I shall most definitely pass the link on to my primary lists!


Surveys such as this always ASSume one is coming from a lamestream type exsistence.  This is why I have a problem with the questions.  Confusion over the real meaning vs the Orwellian doublespeak meaning arises.  In this case there were at least a few spaces in which I could inject my own personal brand of vitriolic disgust.

Religion-Knight of the Fifth Veil

Might take the entire survey out of the statistical process but what the hell opionions are just about as diverse as the number of religions in this country.

It was easy to trash upon both candidates meaning I know both of them are tools of the globalists.  It was difficult to answer some questions with their vast doublespeak meanings.  Homeboy Security.  How do I answer that one.  Do I support the domestic lockdown ,loss of rights,tortue in the name of the United States based only upon the false flag of 911?

How Satanic a meme is that.

It was the very last question too.

Enjoy these the last days of America as best you can for the coming Apocalypse is going to be nasty.