Clubbed On The Head With Reality

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In the final talk in Real News CEO Paul Jay’s series of interviews with activist political scientist and historian Howard Zinn, we’re led to the conclusion that there is a silver lining, as Buhdy and others here have also noted, in the twin dark clouds of the culture of militarism and the financial collapse that eight years of Bushism and many more years of bankrupt imperialist ideology exemplified by both the Democratic and Republican parties have finally brought the American Empire to, that the combination of financial and war crises have finally created an opportunity for real change:

In the final segment of our interview with Howard Zinn we explore the idea of the United States as a source of freedom and democracy in the world.

Prof. Zinn outlines the long history in the US of linking military pursuits with the cause of freedom and democracy, a marriage which Prof. Zinn believes is still used due to inappropriate historical education.

Zinn believes that it is time to drop war altogether as a practice and begin the hard but fruitful transition to an economy based on domestic improvement rather than military dominance. He finishes by adding that education is most affective when coinciding with a changing reality and that the combination of the financial crisis and the military crisis are creating such a scenario.

October 26, 2008 – about 7 minutes

Democracy and militarism

Howard Zinn: The financial and war crisis have created an opportunity for real change


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    • Edger on October 26, 2008 at 16:20

    you get what you need?

    • OPOL on October 26, 2008 at 18:23

    and start listening to our sages instead of our clowns.  Here’s hoping we do.

  1. Hey…you don’t need Howard Zinn to tell you that war is stupid….anybody who believes in their own common sense knows that….

    But they don’t elect those kinds of people…

    They elect Barak Obama…soon to be succeeded by Joeseph of Biden who wants to do battle with everybody…

    Biden is suggesting that he will be the new Dick Cheney…the role of the VP has changed and they will bomb the nuke sites in Pakistan and Iran….great idea…

    He’s saying tough choices have to be made and that people are going to wonder what’s going on….this isn’t what we voted for…..


    Here’s one of those links you guys need to “verify” everything …because you don’t have any common sense…


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