A Hundred %$#@#&!!%$# Days

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The spy novelist John Le Carre invented a word perfectly suited for Richard Bruce Cheney and George W. Bush — “politopath,” a merger of “politician” and you-know-what.

In a few hours, we’ll reach the beginning of the end of the Cheney-Bush regime, the final hundred days. It ought to be a milestone marked by glee, yes? But knowing how soon we won’t have this pair of politopaths to kick around anymore places me somewhere between an aneurysm and a sigh. Because the puppet master and his perpetually adolescent companion will get to abandon their posts, unpunished for hundreds of lies told, hundreds of people tortured, hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians killed, hundreds of billions of dollars squandered, trillions of dollars of debt incurred.

Unimpeached, much less tried, they will get to emerge from their eight years of assault on the Constitution and display of royal prerogative with their pensions intact and most of their rap sheets classified. No orange jumpsuits for them, no isolation units where guards videotape their every trip to the shitter, no hard labor, no electronic shackles. Two aging war criminals will soon clean out their desks, torch their hard drives, say farewell to the pleasures of the unitary executive and pal around forever with the feral plutocrats whose vaults they so prodigiously filled during two terms of plunder and rapine.

Like the reckless CEOs who’ve walked away from the wreckage of their companies with tens of millions in salaries, options and bonuses, the ruthless Mister Bush and Bunker Dick seem destined to roam free. Starting on that January afternoon of a hundred days from now, even the suggestion that they – and others on their team – should pay for their misdeeds will be shouted down in wwwLand and elsewhere. Old news, the megamedia will declare. Vendettas erect obstacles to bipartisanship, Democratic Party leaders will proclaim. Too many crucial matters other than justice to worry about, the so-called pragmatists will say. Just as they have said since I wrote A Thousand %$#@#&!!%$# Days 900 days ago.

Back then some of us still believed, however tenuously, that there might be at least a mild comeuppance for the guys who lied us into war at the point of a bayonet labeled 9/11 and were trying to lie us into a few more. Who disinformed people digging at Ground Zero about the health risks even as they inhaled the ashes of their fellow New Yorkers. Who gave us Mission Accomplished, Bring ’em on, Abu Ghraib, bogus yellowcake, poorly armored Humvees, looting by Halliburton, gunplay by Blackwater, and a free pass for Osama into Waziristan. Who extraordinarily rendered suspects to secret torture prisons and secretly developed an energy plan by, for and of the petro-giants. Who tapped our phones to crush dissent and tapped our wallets to flood cronies with cash and tapped into a rich vein of American xenophobia to carry out the War on (some) Terrorists.

With impeachment not yet yanked off the table 900 days ago, there was a smidgen of hope that a reckoning might come for Cheney and Bush. However small, there seemed to be a chance that maybe, just maybe, they might be yanked away from the levers of power and we’d be spared a year or at least a few months of their blood-soaked regime. There was hope that investigations might lead to interrogations that might lead to subpoenas that might lead to indictments. Not likely, not probable even, but at least possible. Alas, ’twas not to be.

Despite the relentless stream of fresh revelations from whistleblowers and a slightly awakened press, despite defections by generals and civilian insiders on the regime’s own team, nobody with clout intervened to slam the brakes on their naked imperialism, much less stop their treasury-busting, diplomacy-wrecking, human rights-smashing endeavor. Given chance after chance to bring Cheney and Bush to heel in the Iraq war, to include illegally incarcerated suspects under the rule of law, to reject immunity for the violators of civil liberties, to vote on articles of impeachment, the majority in Congress repeatedly crumpled.

The regime’s unswerving adherence to the demented ideology of the NeanderCons, its colossal corruption and its pursuit of disgraceful policies from Baghdad to New Orleans drove down approval percentages in poll after poll but catalyzed too few Representatives and Senators into action. Sure, a gazillion words were spoken. Innumerable stern letters were couriered. But Cheney and Bush, the gray eminence and the nameplate, charged ahead, ferociously and successfully contemptuous of the wimpish responses to their crimes.

But even as they concocted war and shredded the Constitution, Mister Bush and the rogue who had selected himself  to be the string-pulling second-in-command were not distracted from their other tasks. From Day One, they worked with gangrenous fervor on the oligarchy’s agenda, appointing Federalist Society judges, plunking foxes into oversight agencies, undermining health and safety rules, eviscerating environmental protections, ridiculing global warming, presiding over an abstinence-only rise in teenage pregnancy, ignoring the needs of soldiers and veterans alike, seeking to privatize everything, rewriting scientific reports, degrading civil liberties, deregulating corporadoes and detaxing the ultra-rich. Just as Bush had done in Texas as governor, they transformed a modest government surplus into a mountainous annual deficit. They took a debt of $5.7 trillion, accumulated over 20 decades, and jacked it up to $10.2 trillion in less than one.

And then there was their impact on the economy, education and the English language.

Most of that, obviously, was not impeachable, merely Republicans doing their usual malicious thing, with help from Blue Dogs and other Democratic enablers. Just one another round of dismantling the FDR legacy as initiated by the iconic Reagan. But they went so much further.

Not that they were the first leaders of the executive branch to lie America into an unjust war. We’ve had plenty of that. Nor the first to try to geld a section or two of the nation’s founding document. The imperial presidency was not their invention. But for sheer brazenness in their anti-democratic machinations, surely Cheney and Bush are unmatched in our history. If ever two U.S. leaders deserved trial for high crimes and misdemeanors, it is they. In a hundred days, however, they’ll have flown the coop. And if not enough responsible parties could be swayed to impeach them while they still reigned, how much more impossible will it be to investigate their misdeeds after they depart, much less make  them defend themselves in a courtroom?

It’s said that history will judge. No matter how harsh, that’s far too easy a tribunal for these politopaths. And far too late.  


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  1. responsibility, accountability, and justice.

    Here’s part of a comment I made based on yesterday’s 4@4:

    The Hill reported Bush starts preparing for transition. George W. Bush has “signed an executive order directing his staff to start preparing for” his successor.

    The Washington Post added that by “creating a special council to govern the transition to a new administration in January, marking another major step toward the end of Bush’s eight tumultuous years in office.” Bush issued the order 26 days before the election.

    The transition team will be “chaired by White House Chief of Staff Joshua B. Bolten and will include at least 14 other senior officials, among them the attorney general, the national intelligence director and the national archivist.”

    According to CBS News, “President Clinton issued a similar Executive Order on presidential transition to his successor… though his came after the election, on Nov 27, 2000.”

    Bush has created such a disaster leaving the United States in such a mess that he wants to escape responsibility as soon as possible. He’s jumping the gun on the transition.

    • robodd on October 11, 2008 at 2:15 am

    just shame and stain.

    • Edger on October 11, 2008 at 2:40 am

    is re-elected this November in San Francisco?

  2. Your essay synopsis of the “whole” of our situation from the beginning is formidable!

    One thing I think, however, is that we may, just may not be that easily rid of them.  Something is definitely afoot! Maybe, it’s but another scare tactic or whatever, but despite Bush’s recent “turnover of powers to the future electee,” I still believe we need to be weary — usually, as in the past, whatever they have said turns out to be the opposite of what we were lead to believe.

    Is Posse Comitatus Dead?

    . . . .And if you look at that National Security Presidential Directive, what it says, that in any incident where there is extraordinary disruption of a whole range of things, including our economy, the President can declare a catastrophic emergency. Well, we’re having these huge disturbances in our economy. President Bush could today pick up that National Security Directive 51 and say, “We’re in a catastrophic emergency. I’m going to declare martial law, and I’m going to use this combat brigade to enforce it.” . . . .

    (emphasis mine)

    I think we ALL need to become “Missourians” from the “show-me” state.    

    • Edger on October 11, 2008 at 3:32 am

    For their part, the German people quickly accepted the new order of things. Keep in mind that the average non-Jewish German was pretty much unaffected by the new laws and decrees. As long as a German citizen kept his head down, worked hard, took care of his family, sent his children to the public schools and the Hitler Youth organization, and, most important, didn’t involve himself in political dissent against the government, a visit by the Gestapo was very unlikely.

    The overwhelming majority of Germans did not seem to mind that their personal freedom had been taken away, that so much of culture had been destroyed and replaced with a mindless barbarism, or that their life and work had become regimented to a degree never before experienced even by a people accustomed for generations to a great deal of regimentation…. The Nazi terror in the early years affected the lives of relatively few Germans and a newly arrived observer was somewhat surprised to see that the people of this country did not seem to feel that they were being cowed…. On the contrary, they supported it with genuine enthusiasm. Somehow it imbued them with a new hope and a new confidence and an astonishing faith in the future of their country.

    “Accepting the new order”

  3. and that George the W will be receive payments (pay offs) for speeches, rather than paying back with time inside Leavenworth, is a sad statement about far from accountability we are in this society.  

  4. vitriol, very much deserved by the parties you refer to.

    On the subject of impeachment: Ever since it was disclosed earlier this year that the illegal spying on U.S. citizens began in February of 2001, I have been wondering whether our (Dem) congresscritters were among those spied upon.

    Too tinfoil-hatty?  It would certainly explain why Madame Speaker took impeachment off the table, because everybody has some skeletons hidden somewhere, and politicians perhaps more than most people.

    Just a thought…

    • ctrenta on October 11, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    Unimpeached, much less tried, they will get to emerge from their eight years of assault on the Constitution and display of royal prerogative with their pensions intact and most of their rap sheets classified. No orange jumpsuits for them, no isolation units where guards videotape their every trip to the shitter, no hard labor, no electronic shackles.

    Well… Bugliosi left us a game plan in “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.” I think at this point, if we’re all very serious on holding Bush & Cheney accountable, perhaps we should look into finding a local DA to take on the case. He says it can work. It’s just a matter of us promoting it from the grassroots level until it makes the mainstream. That’s one way of bringing about justice. Unless someone has an even more effective plan, let’s hear it!

  5. The onion goes where MSM “journalists” won’t, but should, go:


    The “embed” cut & paste didn’t work for me, hope that clicking on the link above will work.

    • RUKind on October 11, 2008 at 8:53 pm

    Prosecute them would be best but simple protests whenever and wherever they go in public until the day they die would see to be an appropriate minimum.

    Best of all – expose the Truth of what has been done, how it was done, who planned, executed and benefited from it – and where they live and work and can be contacted.


  6. said on a CNN show that “Bush was a barely functioning moron and everyone in Washington knew it.” Great we allowed a sadistic moron to run rampant and did nothing to stop him. They all knew what this administration was about from day one. To this very day they are allowing the dismantling of our government and no congress critter except Kucinich demands accounting or is willing to strip this nastiness of power. Perhaps all our representatives are barely functioning morons, of the Rich Twit variety, or just crooked assholes.

    Bush seems also to be delusional. He’s glad he’s in charge

    “He said that if it was going to happen at all, he was glad it was happening under his presidency, because he had a good group of people in D.C. working for him,” Dru Van Steenberg, one of several small-business owners who met with Mr. Bush in San Antonio earlier this week. The president expressed the same sentiment, others said, during a similar private session in Chantilly, Va., the next day.

    Doesn’t seem able to figure out cause and effect. The only good that is going to come out of this is hopefully the demise of this virulent strain of ‘conservatism’. Why did congress just sit back and let them wreck the country? Now that it’s falling apart in a obvious spectacular finale do they think we won’t notice? Do they believe that were that stupid? Maybe we are if they continue to offer this mucked up version of what used to be our Government and we accept it as the way things are.  

  7. fuck are they going after these days are over?????

    No fucking where.

    What are they going to pay for?

    Not a fucking thing.

    What will they do?







    and on, and on,

    andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon andon….?

    Still create more fucking trouble!!!!

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