Your Money or Your Life – Bushco’s Last Grab

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“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

Bob Dylan

And you don’t need to be a financial guru to know when you’re being robbed.  Seriously, to the fools trying to stuff a trillion-dollar bailout down our throats, “what have you done for us lately…I mean OTHER than rip us off?”

Patriot Act

Military Commissions Act




Habeas Corpus

Posse Comitatus

Free Speech Zones



Mercenary Armies in America

All of this madness and more while ignoring everything that really matters:

Climate Change


Pollution of land, sea and air

Diplomacy and World Peace




Sustainable Agriculture

Universal Healthcare

Alternative Energy

The General Welfare

Now you’re going to jump up and rush through a bill written by those who have done all of the above?  A bill that bails out the very villains who created this colossal mess in the first place?

Is it any wonder that people are skeptical?

And they’re not just trying to ram this disgraceful legislation down our unwilling throats, they’re doing it – and there is nothing any of us can do about it.  

They are following their well-known Bush/Rove/Cheney formula of Disaster Capitalism:  whip up the fear, ram bad legislation through quickly, and rip off the American people with the full cooperation of the Democratic leadership.  This shit stinks to high heaven.


I wrote The Shock Doctrine in the hopes that it would make us all better prepared for the next big shock. Well, that shock has certainly arrived, along with gloves-off attempts to use it to push through radical pro-corporate policies (which of course will further enrich the very players who created the market crisis in the first place…).

Naomi Klein in Now is the Time to Resist Wall Street’s Shock Doctrine


My guess is that they will shove this down our throats and the pain everyone hopes to avoid will simply be delayed somewhat and increased substantially while the greedheads are rescued with OUR money.

This is the biggest rip-off ever.

And their pretense at oversight is laughable.

Overseeing the program: The bill would establish two oversight boards.

The Financial Stability Oversight Board would be charged with ensuring the policies implemented protect taxpayers and are in the economic interests of the United States. It will include the Federal Reserve chairman, the Securities and Exchange Commission chairman, the Federal Home Finance Agency director, the Housing and Urban Development secretary and the Treasury secretary.

A congressional oversight panel would be charged with reviewing the state of financial markets, the regulatory system and the Treasury’s use of its authority under the rescue plan. Sitting on the panel would be five outside experts appointed by House and Senate leaders.

CNN on the bailout deal

Ooh a new board!

Yeah, our governmental oversight has done us so much good lately that we can’t even manage to stop an unpopular war, keep the government from torturing helpless prisoners or impeach the biggest criminals in all of human history.  Couldn’t even attempt it.  Pathetic.


I got yer oversight right here congress – and I hope you choke on it.


Peace Out!



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    • OPOL on September 29, 2008 at 19:52
    • RiaD on September 29, 2008 at 20:27


  1. I believe that from the beginning BushCo set about to rape the American people.  Now, this is the coup de grace in that effort!!!!

    Any choice words for this picture?

    The Fiscally Insane Bailout Bill Might Not Pass — Here’s 5 Reasons It Shouldn’t

    The scheme would force taxpayers to absorb the pain, while Wall Street execs reap the gain.

    There was news Sunday afternoon of a congressional deal to bailout Wall Street fat cats with $700 billion of taxpayer cash (you can read the draft legislation here). Though the deal negotiated between congressional leaders and the White House is better than what Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson originally proposed early last week, it remains an insulting atrocity, having omitted even basic aid to homeowners, bankruptcy reforms and any modicum of future financial industry regulation. Now, the New York Times reports that the Democratic leadership may not have the votes to pass this bailout. So without further ado, here are the top 5 reasons (in no order) why every single member of Congress — Democrat and Republican — should vote this sucker down. Please feel free to copy and paste this post into an email to your congressperson. They are deciding right now — let them hear your voice. . . .

    Check out the reasons!

    NOTE:  I tried my Senators’ offices in D.C. (Durbin and Obama) and both of their mail boxes were full.  I called my Congressman’s office and he voted “NO.”  I then called the local offices of my Senators and their mail boxes were full, as well.  I called Senator Durbin’s local office again and was able to leave a voice message.  It’s very difficult to get through — so this is GOOD news!

  2. Breaking News Alert

    The New York Times

    Monday, September 29, 2008 — 2:22 PM ET


    House Rejects Bailout Package, 228-205

    In a moment of historic drama in the Capitol and on Wall

    Street, the House of Representatives voted on Monday to

    reject a $700 billion rescue of the financial industry.

    Read More:

    Of course, they’ll just come up with another version, etc.

    • dkmich on September 29, 2008 at 22:55

    Are your forgetting the brilliant job of oversight we got from the “you don’t have to swear in under oath 911 Commission”?  And certainly, you must have forgotten the masterful weidling of the purse as Congress provided oversight on the war.   OPOL, you really need to pay closer attention.  

  3. It matters not for it is not THE END.

    The end comes in the massive skim right off the top at least 1/4 of the American lifestyle in the scheduled shift to the new currency the Amero.

    From 2006 when I first discovered it.

    To assure a “rollover”, a path to “salvation” what better marketing ploy than to destroy the remaining economy that used to exist.

    A key component of the theme is a supercorridor to import Chinese contaminated foods bypassing American longshoremen and then trucking it up all the way to Canada.  So Americans can’t even get a job driving trucks.  Assholianism knows no bounds here, none.

    • TST on September 30, 2008 at 04:33

    So let’s be absolutely clear: there are no saviors who are going to look out for us in this crisis. Certainly not Henry Paulson, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, one of the companies that will benefit most from his proposed bailout (which is actually a stick up). The only hope of preventing another dose of shock politics is loud, organized grassroots pressure on all political parties: they have to know right now that after seven years of Bush, Americans are becoming shock resistant.

    For those who haven’t yet read her book Shock Doctrine please try to make it a priority. It will give you some idea of what the neoliberals and neoconservatives have in mind for us.

  4. what do you think of David Sirota’s diary over at DKos?

  5. As most of you probably know, the DOW plunged by 700 points yesterday with the bailout defeat.  But, miraculously, today, it jumped up again by some 485 points.  Isn’t this fun?  But did this happen “in speculation” of this:  Senate to vote on rescue plan with added tax cut

    By CHARLES BABINGTON and JIM KUHNHENN, Associated Press Writers

    17 minutes ago

    WASHINGTON – In a surprise move to resurrect President Bush’s $700 billion Wall Street rescue plan, Senate leaders slated a vote on the measure for Wednesday – but added a tax cut plan already rejected by the House. Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and GOP Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky unveiled the plan Tuesday.

    The Senate plan would also raise federal deposit insurance limits to $250,000 from $100,000, as called for by the two presidential nominees only hours earlier.

    The move to add a tax legislation – including a set of popular business tax breaks – risked a backlash from House Democrats insisting they be paid for with tax increases elsewhere.

    But by also adding legislation to prevent more than 20 million middle-class taxpayers from feeling the bite of the alternative minimum tax, the step could build momentum for the Wall Street bailout from House Republicans. The presidential candidates Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Barack Obama, D-Ill., intend to fly to Washington for the votes, as does Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, the Democratic vice presidential candidate.

    The surprise move capped a day in which supporters of the imperiled multibillion-dollar economic rescue fought to bring it back to life, courting reluctant lawmakers with a variety of other sweeteners including the plan to reassure Americans their bank deposits are safe.

    Wall Street, at least, regained hope. The Dow Jones industrials rose 485 points, one day after a record 778-point plunge following rejection in the U.S. House of the plan worked out by congressional leaders and the Bush administration. . . .

    This truly is a surprise, since Congress is out until Thursday!


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