The Dumb Problem

I don’t mean to belittle the American voter…..


Oh wait, yes I do.

It was after all the American voter who gave us George ‘the Torturer I want to have a beer with ” Bush. And now the have an even better real life Mavericky, POW, Straighttalkin’ icon to be gullible enough to vote for. MOMMY, help meeee!

I know it is not good politics to talk about this ‘nation of whiners’ in a derogatory manner. I know that the American voter is the very model of thoughtfulness, probity and steely eyed common sense that defies and even spits in the eye of the bespectacled elitists and eggheads who think they know better than the down home, salt of the earth “average American.” But these people are scaring the piss out of me. Which is not good when you are blogging in a library.


It occurred to me last night as I sat in the lonely solitude of the great north woods after spending a bit of time mingling with the voters of the American heartland, bemoaning the loss of the part of my brain that the internet has become, that, well, we really do need a better class of voter in this country. I mean, after eight years of Bushco fubaring the country twelve ways from Sunday, the thought that I should respect anyone stupid enough to vote for anyone even remotely associated with Bush, the Republicans, or even Conservatism itself is just dim beyond my possible level of comprehension. And I have comprehended some pretty dim folks. (including the guy who, upon seeing people doing Tai Chi in the park, asked how they ever expected to win a fight moving that slow)

Yes I AM being ‘elitist.’ Yes I am saying I am smarter than other people, but only people who voted for Bush, or are planning to vote for McCain. These people have bought the okeydoke, with an ARM that has balloon payments. These people would buy a pig in a poke….without even seeing the poke. These are all people who have LIVED through the last eight years and are in effect saying…..Thank you sir, may I have another.

Of course there are many, many reasons why a nominally intelligent person would vote for McCain, but NONE of them are good. Much of this stems, it goes without saying, from the traditional Republican position on education that is best epitomized by the desire to have The Theory Of Absolute Faith In A Book That Was Written Before 95% of People Could Read So We must Believe Every Single Word In It Because A Guy Told Me So taught instead of, you know…, in our classrooms. The Repubs have destroyed education every time they have been in office for as far back as I can remember in the apparently correct belief that only dullards would be gullible enough to vote for them.

And so here we are, approaching the intersection of Darwin Boulevard and Extinction Street with our lives in the hands of those very same 59,054,087 people…and their genetic descendants.

It is sort of like a mystery novel….no, it is like a slasher flick. Everyone  who is watching in the audience that has a hint of a whiff of a clue knows that the pretty (but not particularly bright) starlet should NOT. Under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, EVER, open that door.

Yet she does.

And will do it again at the ten o’clock screening.

The American Voter just might buy the okeydoke again, and we need to be ready for that possibility, lest our heads asplode. No matter how Loud we Yell at the screen, the scene just keeps playing out.

If the American Voter keeps following the Republican stage directions, keeps opening the same damn door again and again, well….At this point I think we may need a new screen writer more than a new President.

Please, good people of America…..


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    • Robyn on September 18, 2008 at 20:22

    …why anyone would pick a guy who they would like “to have a beer with” who is an f’ing alcoholic.  How much fun does anyone think that would be?

  2. They’re all the same!!!!!!

    It doesn’t matter what we do!!!!!

    We’re doomed unless you begin a revolution RIGHT NOW!

    It’s a CONSPIRACY!  They are POD PEOPLE!  Obama, McCain, no difference at all!

    (Thus ends another episode of Hysteria R Us.)

    There are also those on the left who are just as wacky as the wingnuts.

    My 2 cents.

  3. …and sometimes, as a mother, you know you can tell your kids everything. Some things they just have to find out on their own…you know, like that pickle I was eating really, really won’t taste good to you. Or maybe it’s not the best idea to continually jump off the furniture, regardless of how many times I tell you that eventually you’ll get hurt.

    Well, looks like the American people just had one of those epiphanies this week.

  4. …number of people I know are voting for McWeasel.  

    I loved your description of the steely-eyed american voter…the practice required for such prose is the real excuse for blogging I think…at least, that’s the one I’m picking today.

    American politics have been about one reasonable sounding moderate and one silverback facsist with evangelical trappings, all my 44 years.  And most of the time, my fellow citizens pick the fascist.  

    Lots of American lefties, and international lefties, have come here and said about what we’ve said and left in disgust over the last 100 years or so.  Not sure what that’ll mean, broadly, but it’s been much on my mind today.  

  5. you ‘welk-ed’ me…

    (ok, well, i said something like this…admittedly, not nearly as eloquently)


    • robodd on September 18, 2008 at 21:12

    Ponder this, Buhdy:  Polling shows Obama gets far less than 40% of white voters.

  6. …Unfortunately IMHO, us political junkie blogger types assume that the majority of people actually know about Senator McKeating 5, the past and present champ of deregulation who (up till Monday anyway) fought for the right of the bankers to do as they damn well pleased with their investors money–including “teh stoopids’s” IRA’s & 401k’s…  Many still don’t know that “McMaverick” voted against veterans and troop benefits repeatedly, including not even bothering to vote on the Webb GI bill–or that he supported bush almost 100% of the time.  Many still don’t know that McCheater cheated for 7 years on & then dumped his first wife who waited for him while he was in Vietnam (a real “family values” kinda guy). Etc, etc.

    Yes, a lot of McManiacs will vote for him for reasons that have more to do with Obama’s race, rather than a belief that McStupid & his smug sidekick are really qualified to be President/VP.  Others have been brainwashed by their “religious ‘leaders'” into opposing Obama.  But a lot of the voters I’ve talked to that support “McHero” still are deluded into believing the McCain fantasy version of a man of honor that never actually existed.

    IMHO, at this point, the Dem message needs to be simplified for the simple & should be focused on showing how McKeating & his buddy Gramm worked mightily to put the economy where it is today, and that it will cost us all dearly.

    • Edger on September 18, 2008 at 21:50

    does “probity” mean, anyway?


  7. pounded on you just a bit harder boss you are more than welcome to come hang out with me in Tennessee.

    Naturally y’all can come and visit any time you like but you will feel like an extra in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. What can I say, I can’t afford 8 acres in Colorado and California.

    • on September 19, 2008 at 18:33

    33% in america in this age

    like someone said

    the poor will always be with us

    good ta see ya getten a little r&r bd

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